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You may recognise two-factor authentication with online banking and major web services such as Gmail, eBay and PayPal. This level of authentication offers a greater level of security and is available for your business too!

Benefits Of Using Duo 2-Factor

Verify The Identity Of All Users

Multi-factor authentication involves a time-sensitive unique action to verify a users identity. With Duo 2-factor, this is a simple push-notification to an authorised device. This simple addition to verify the user at the time of the request for access dramatically increases the security deterrent by an inconceivable percentage.

Access From Anywhere

With Duo 2-Factor, any product or service that your staff need to access can be protected – inside-or-outside of your network. If your business relies on Office 365 for instance, and a user needs to access sensitive information but they’re out of the country, the solution allows for this with multiple different verification techniques or methods.

Expose Risky User Activity

A centralised management console allows for visibility of user activity so you can quickly see potential fraudulent activity or unauthorised access attempts.

Monitor Access To All Applications

Collect usage data across all secured applications to help understand demand, potential bottle necks and plan for future IT projects, but also objectively see whether your users are using your applications as you intend them to.

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