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Sage 200 is a suite of business software that allows you to manage your finances, customer relationships and marketing activity from within one system.

Sage 200 consists of the Financials, Business Intelligence and CRM modules but can be enhanced further and completely tailored to suit your business, with the addition of any of the following Sage and third-party modules: Commercials, Project Accounting, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing, CIS, Job Costing, Document Manager (DMS), WAP – Web Authorisation, EPOS, eCommerce and Data Integration.

Sage 200 requires certain system requirements to be met and you may need the added benefit of integrating your Sage software into your existing systems. Therefore, to provide you with an accurate quote, it is essential that we first find out your full business requirements.

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How Much Does Sage 200 Cost?

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As Sage 200 is a modular package, the cost heavily depends on your requirements. Functionality can be disabled if it isn’t required, saving you money, or added on to ensure you get every benefit possible for your company.

You may also want to consider integrating Sage into your existing systems, which will give you full visibility, attribution and reporting on all areas of your business, to help drive future decision making.

With this in mind, for us to provide you with an accurate quote, we recommend filling in our ‘quick quote’ form or having a brief chat with one of our Sage experts, so we understand your requirements and are able to provide you with an accurate, personalised price.

Typical Sage 200 Price

A rough price for the installation of a Sage 200 system, with 2 users, the Financials, Business Intelligence and CRM modules, with training would be:


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FinancialsBusiness IntelligenceCRMCommercialsProject AccountingBill of MaterialsManufacturingCISJob CostingDMSWAPEPOSeCommerceData ExchangeOther

Core Modules

Below are Sage’s personal built modules that you can add-on or remove from your Sage 200 system at any time.

Third-Party Additional Modules

Sage 200 has plenty of third-party modules, each designed to cater for certain areas of your business. If you can’t see one below that you’d like, let us know in the quote form above or via our Live Chat and we’ll be able to recommend the best solution for you.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Sage CIS module for Sage 200 provides builders, contractors, sub-contractors and other construction-related businesses, with control over their contracts, a solution to ensure that they do not overrun on their assigned budgets or deadlines. As well as being able to submit information directly to the HMRC, the CIS module provides you with the ability to report on any area of the construction process, including costs and budgets, as well as giving you a better overview of your relationships with your suppliers, contractors and clients.

Job Costing

The Job Costing module is specifically designed for businesses in manufacturing, construction, software development and all types of contract management type works. The Sage add-on gives you the ability to assign costs to multiple projects and drill down into the detail or transaction history. Linked to Works Order Processing, you can track, allocate and issue labour and materials to multiple jobs, allowing you to analyse real-time revenues and compare actual vs budget, for each stage.

Document Manager (DMS)

Scan, assign and retrieve documents, all from within Sage 200, to transactions, accounts, orders and stock items. All document information is stored within the Microsoft SQL database your Sage 200 system runs on. The SQL database allows for fast document searching, automatic back-ups and a security architecture that allows for secure storage of your documents. Document Manager has been designed with the end-user in mind, providing a very easy-to-use document management solution.

WAP – Web Authorisation

Real-time data entry and approval processing for business documents, including timesheets, expenses, holiday requests, invoice approval, expenses, sales orders and HR. Approvals are based on parameters such as nominal code, project, user, document type and value. The WAP – Web Authorisation module is suited for any sized business and can be scaled from 1 user, to more than 2000.


A truly integrated solution, with full synchronisation between Sage 200 and your EPOS system. Two-way information sharing can give you real-time, in-depth data on your businesses main processes, whether that’s stock updates or your trade customers latest account balance. Anything can be shared between your EPOS and Sage 200 system with the EPOS module, including customer specific price lists, sales orders, stock updates, stock categories, credit notes, quantity breaks, discounts and account balances.


Synchronise your eCommerce platform to Sage 200, ensuring a two-way data exchange for accurate sales, stock and pricing. This automated system has numerous benefits for your business, including reducing human error through multiple data entry, it improves the efficiency of your online sales and provides real-time data for your accounts.

Data Exchange

Integrate Sage 200 with any of your third-party systems for complete synchronisation of your business activities. Third-party systems include websites, warehousing software, CRM and ERP systems and any industry specific solutions you may have. The Data Exchange module quickly and easily automates data transfer, which would normally result in costly overheads and often lead to discrepancies in the separate systems.

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