5 Reasons to Upgrade From Pegasus Opera II to Opera 3

You may experience performance issues where Pegasus Opera II struggles to cope with new operating systems, alternatively there may be functionality gaps between Pegasus Opera II and new business needs. Typical restrictions include:

  • New Module Requirements
  • In-depth reporting requirements
  • Requirements to upgrade hardware
  • More complex business processes

Do you think it is time to upgrade! What’s next?

We know from experience that finding a new business management solution can be daunting and time consuming for a business. We find that businesses embrace the upgrade from Opera II to Opera 3 as it offers the security and usability that the Pegasus brand offers.

1) Your Opera 2 solution is a mardy teenager now

Pegasus Opera II was released to the public in June 2000. That’s a huge lifespan for a piece of accounting software, the problem is, think of all the changes that have been made in technology since 2000. The introduction of newer hardware, more difficult processes and shifts in the financial world mean that Pegasus Opera II is rapidly becoming outdated.

Pegasus announced in 2014 that Opera II is in extended support, so an end of life announcement is expected to be shortly, but a date hasn’t been confirmed.

2) No more modules

It has been announced that Pegasus will make no further enhancements to Opera II. Only legislative changes and, maintenance fixes. All key Pegasus developers are now solely focused on Opera 3. By moving to Opera 3, not only will you benefit from additional features, designed to save time and increase productivity, but you will also take advantage of the latest technology deployed within Opera 3.

Staying on Opera II means that you are missing out on all the new exclusive integrated features like the Scheduler, server-side processing, error correction in the Financials, Credit Management Centre, Timesheets, Web Exchange and the soon to be released Mobile Sales Order App to name a few.

3) Upgrading is going to get even more expensive

Pegasus announced that the upgrade price will increase on a yearly basis. The faster you decide to upgrade, the cheaper it will be.

4) Your Annual Maintenance Contract increases year on year

To keep up with supporting two systems at the same time, Pegasus now increases the Opera II AMC charge annually, in line with inflation. In some case, the AMC is cheaper if you’re an Opera 3 user.

5) The cloud is awaiting

I’m sure you’ve heard about the cloud but did you know that Pegasus have a cloud solution? Pegasus Business Cloud offers flexibility and provides you access to the solution at the office or on mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. Still on Opera II? You can upgrade to Business Cloud easily.

I’m convinced it’s time to upgrade! What do I do next?

Speak to one of our Pegasus Opera experts and make your Pegasus fly with Opera 3 & Business Cloud. Contact us on 0800 0433 106 for further information or use our ‘live chat’ in the bottom right corner to be instantly connected to one of our team.