5 Reasons to use the Sage Mobile Apps

Technology is inescapable. Try as we might to run away, the unstoppable tide of progress will reach us all in the end and force us to modernise. We’re a fair few years away from a robot taking your job, but right now there’s a good chance you’re going to have to face the reality incorporating mobile apps into your business processes.

Released in 2015, the Sage Apps have recently been picking up a lot of traction for their flexibility and for the fact that they essentially enable to run your office from your pocket. While this concept of taking your office with you on the road is nothing new, recent technological advances have meant that the execution of this concept is easier and more effective than it ever has been.

Our Sage expert, Anthony Marks said. “As much as mobile apps have been a part of our lives for almost 10 years now, it’s only been in the last few years that we have seen an increase in the use of them in businesses, I think we are all still learning how they can assist and benefit us. Imagine your workforce being optimised and having access to all of their customer contacts, product details and price lists at the touch of a button, Sage mobile apps can do just that and ensure that your team are efficient and can focus on the job.”

However, despite all this, we feel the Sage Apps aren’t getting the exposure and the acclaim they really deserve. So we asked Anthony to give us a run down on the best features of the Sage Accounts Tracker and Mobile Sales and the main reasons you should be using them with your business.

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1) Invoice on the road – mobilise your sales team

“As a member of the sales team, the idea of being able to quote, process orders and invoice whilst on the road is music to my ears. It means sales teams can be a lot more productive and don’t have to have such a mountain of admin work to do when they come back to the office. We know that time management is hard enough for any sales person trying to juggle the balance of meetings and paperwork so this is a great feature within the Sage mobile apps”

2) Speed up sales

“I often hear sales people complaining about the lack of access when out of the office to customer information, the Sage mobile apps provides this at the click of a button. Whether it be the need for customer contact details or directions or access to previous quotes or proposals you can find it all via the app without having to call back to the office or refer to notes. I’m sure anybody will agree that the ability to initiate and close sales whilst out on the road is much more efficient and a great asset to the Sage solution”

3) View your business reports on the go (and use them in meetings!)

“Sales staff can view reports on the go, with up to the minute information it allows them to see accurate data of their customers such as overdue payments as well as their own sales targets, but the Sage mobile apps aren’t just for the sales team. They give the management team the ability to get a reliable overview of their business at any point in time aiding them to make informed business decisions, a win-win situation for all”.

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4) Products and pricing on demand

“One of my favourite features of the sales mobile app is the ability to access product information and pricing lists whilst out with customers speeds up the process of a sale and allows for more accurate communication to customers during meetings. It also reduces the amount of printed paperwork the sales person needs to take out with them or calls back to the office for pricing/product information”

5) Protected and secure

“Being in the IT industry we know all too well how important it is to ensure your software is fully protected, there are so many horror stories of scams or company hacks around these days that you just can’t take the risk of having a setup where your data isn’t fully secure. Only recently we have seen a customer fall subject to one of these scams. It’s reassuring to know that the mobile apps are fully encrypted and have secured sign in.”

For more information on the Sage Mobile Apps and how they can help your business, contact one of our experts on 01724 400300 email info@hbpsystems.co.uk or use the live chat feature in the corner of this page.