HBP Supports Bureau UK Through Extensive Transformation With Exchequer

Global resource and specialist recruitment provider, Bureau UK, has enlisted HBP Systems to make “radical changes” to their business and back-office infrastructure.

Established in 2010, Bureau is a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise International Trade, meaning it has achieved the highest business accolade in the UK within just 9-years of operating. In addition to their impressive accreditations, Bureau’s solid growth has resulted in their clientele including multi-billion-pound oil and gas businesses across the Middle East and APAC region.

Dave Blanchard – Managing Director, Bureau UK


Nevertheless, the bold, but undisputed, decision to restructure their back-office was made as Bureau’s continued growth was jeopardised by faults within its accounting software. Managing Director, Dave Blanchard, admits: “No business can move forward without a solid infrastructure.”

Dave’s decision saw the introduction of new Financial Director, Richard Suddards, who the MD describes to have “come onboard and make a lot of radical changes.”

Richard says: “It became evident that Bureau was using accounting software that couldn’t handle the complexity and sheer volume of transactions that it needed to on a day-by-day basis. It was something that had to change.”

As he had previously used Exchequer by Advanced, Richard was confident that its powerful reporting capabilities would meet the demands of Bureau’s dynamic environment. “Bureau deal in such a diverse market, with lots of different clients in lots of different industries, so reporting is key for us,” Richard explains.

Although he joined Bureau as a new director, challenged with making considerable changes to a well-established company, Richard was confident in his resolution to the business’ problems. Making this vision a reality was where the concern lay, “It was initially a worry for me, as it’s always really daunting to have to deliver a project.”

Needing the support of a local Exchequer specialist, that could fill him with the same level of confidence that the software did, Richard approached our team at HBP. “One of the challenges I faced was ensuring that when we moved onto the new system, we had really good data – it was cleansed and ready to go onto the new system. HBP told me the right ways to make the data good and helped me put it into the new system, and that was a real key for me and worry at the start.”


Richard Suddards – Finance Director, Bureau UK


For the team at Bureau UK, our technical and software expertise was not the only priority. For any business undergoing an extensive transformation, the proactiveness and responsiveness from your support provider are essential.

Richard says: “If I ever I needed to speak to someone in the [HBP] support team, I was impressed by how quickly they managed to turn around my query and how reactive they were to the issue I was having.”

Although Bureau UK and HPB Systems operate within two separate industries, we share very similar foundations and values as service providers. This means for both of us, customer service is paramount, as are the relationships with our suppliers. Our people-centric attitude was an immense contribution to the success of this project and our relationship with Bureau going forward.

Richard praises: “HBP understand what I’m trying to achieve on a day to day basis, they understand the importance of the service in the client, not just selling them the software [Exchequer] but supporting them as they move forward.”

With the new Exchequer system fully implemented and supported by our software specialists, Bureau is noticing marked improvements within just a few months. For MD, Dave, the most significant breakthrough he has experienced is in his decision-making. Dave says: “Without the information that Richard gives me from Exchequer, I can’t make the decisions we need to accelerate our growth. It’s revolutionised the way we work.”



As a business, the way we operate and continue to grow is through the relationships we build with our customers. The only way we can design, implement and support the most robust infrastructure for them is by taking the time to get to know them, their values and goals.

“I almost see HBP as like a business partner as opposed to one of our suppliers because they’ve been so understanding as to the pressure that I’m under, and also getting the system in the correct timeframe. To produce reports as quickly as we do now and to drive the business forward is fantastic, so I would recommend HBP to anyone,” Richard says on Bureau’s strong relationship with us.


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