HBP Systems Is Chosen To Be The First-Ever IT Support Provider Of Kinetic PLC

Lancashire recruitment firm, Kinetic PLC, has selected us as its first-ever external IT support provider, after nearly 3 decades of managing their IT internally.

A prominent figure in the North West for its recruitment and HR services in the manufacturing industry, over the last 30-years, Kinetic has grown significantly into 8-sites, and has won multiple awards for its services and recruitment work.

Until this year, the firm’s IT had always been managed and supported internally, and given their immense growth, this had never been an issue. But when strategising on new developments and increasing business growth, it was suggested Kinetic explore the possibility of outsourcing its IT support to a larger  base.

Thanks to a “glowing reference” from another customer of ours, which was also a recruitment firm, Kinetic’s Financial Controller, Neil Betton made contact to enquire about potential support.

“Introducing a third-party provider was going to be a big change for internal staff that was used to in-house support. Some were really quite worried,” admits Neil.


Taking into consideration the apprehension of the Kinetic team, IT Specialist, Darren Jacklin, who has been with HBP since 2015, was there to assure Kinetic throughout the entire process.

Darren says: “Despite another customer providing an outstanding endorsement, it was important that we still went the extra mile for Kinetic, as we would any customer, old or new.”

What also made a significant difference, was HBP Systems’ history of working with recruitment firms. “We understand how their networks are set up and how their users operate.  This makes a huge difference in designing a network and support plan,” explains Darren.


On Kinetic’s journey with HBP so far, Neil says: “The whole process has been very transparent and easy to understand for a non-IT trained person and was adapted to fit our requirements with no issue. The proposal was clear and exactly what we were looking for at a reasonable price.”

And despite initial reservations from the staff, Neil praises: “All I have heard from my colleagues is very positive comments about their first experiences with HBP. In my opinion, nothing could have been done better.”

At the heart of this radical change to Kinetic, was their clients and the business’ commitment to offering them the best service possible. Outsourcing their IT support to an entire team of specialists guarantees faster response and fix times, making them more proactive and efficient when helping their own clients.

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