HBP Systems Offers Manufacturers The Solution To Their Bottlenecks

We are introducing a brand-new solution that is set to revolutionise the manufacturing industry and streamline operational processes.

As a Scunthorpe-based IT and software solutions company, we have been working with manufacturers since 1991 and understand how integral they are within the community in which we both operate.

This year, we are providing our manufacturing customers with a brand-new, future-proof Manufacturing Resource Planning software that will streamline all operational processes within the industry.

For manufacturers, scheduling is critical. However, due to the expeditious nature of their industry, we understand how challenging this can be for manufacturers. A failure to manage their inventory and staff productivity will lead to time and produce wastage which no business can afford. Unfortunately, software that prevents this wastage and assists manufacturers with their operations is expensive and not tailored for smaller companies.

Introducing Business Cloud Essentials

The Cloud MRP solution allows companies to store their information in a secure, remote location and access it in real-time from anywhere. Commercial Director, Phil Denham, says, “we know this is the perfect fit for manufacturers from working with companies in that industry. Integrating and monitoring the core business processes across every department is going to make scheduling and supply chain management more efficient than it has ever been”.

With its business intelligence features, companies can make much faster and more profitable decisions based on more accurate and relevant data. “The precision in this solution’s traceability is invaluable to manufacturers when evaluating the variance in margins from different suppliers, forecasting and, especially, in the event of a product recall,” says Phil.

Operations Director, Tony Pearson, who has been with us since 1997, says “Business Cloud Essentials is one piece of software connecting all core business areas, which decreases cost as businesses will only need one support provider. The ease of this products implementation and use is all thanks to the Cloud”.

For more information on Business Cloud Essentials contact us on 01724 400 300 or info@hbpsystems.com.