HBP’s Fundraising Efforts Earn Huge Praise From Dove House Hospice

Every single day at HBP Systems Ltd, our staff work by the company mantra, ‘Best Today, Better Tomorrow’, in every aspect of their jobs, extending to all charitable work.

Throughout 2017 everyone at HBP Systems worked incredibly hard to organise and contribute to fundraising events for the year’s chosen charity, Dove House Hospice. The charity is an incredible organisation which provides care and support to people with life-limiting illnesses, and their loved ones.

We take an immense amount of pride in our charitable contributions and it is a responsibility that all staff take seriously. This month Jethro Shearring, the Fundraising Coordinator at Dove House Hospice, came to thank us in person for our fundraising efforts and donations.

The services that Dove House Hospice provides focus on the patient and not on their illness which means we go that extra mile, beyond the specialised medical care we are renowned for. We offer holistic care which covers everything from offering our patients haircuts to brighten their day, to music therapy and even weddings,” said Jethro.

When he arrived, Jethro was greeted by two of HBP’s employees, John Anderton and Tim Pritchard, who were instrumental in the money we raised for Dove House, as they ran the Tough Mudder in the summer of 2017, raising over £1000. 

Of the people who require Dove House Hospice’s provisions, Jethro stated that, “the demand for our services is ever increasing; each day another person turns to us for help. We are deeply aware that we can only continue to care for our patients due to kind donations such as yours. With this in mind, we would like to thank all the staff members at HBP Systems Ltd for your amazing support throughout 2017”.

Coincidently HBP’s fundraising for Dove House Hospice throughout 2017, coincided with the organisation’s 25th anniversary of its inpatient unit opening. Jethro praised that, “HBP Systems’ efforts will help to ensure that we can continue to be at the forefront of end of life care for the next 25 years and beyond”.

We are delighted to know that our contributions have helped such a worthy cause and it has given us extra motivation when fundraising for our 2018 charity, Jerry Green Dog Rescue. And while we will continue to take our fundraising very seriously, the more fun we can have with it, the better!