The best new features of Microsoft Server 2016


The 2016 release of Microsoft Server is here, IT staffers around the world will be excited by its wide range of technologic advancements. Many of the new features capabilities, such as containers and Nano Server, are signs of a Microsoft who are focused on the cloud. Security features, such as Shielded VMs, are signs of a Microsoft who are focused on making servers more secure. Other notable features, such as the added networking and storage capabilities, continue the legacy left by Windows Server 2012.

So, after 5 Technical Previews what are the three best features of Microsoft Server 2016?

Docker-driven containers

Open source and, Microsoft are not two words you’d put together but Docker-drive containers are a sign of Microsoft embracing the open source world. Docker is a Linux application that allows you to automate the deployment of applications and Microsoft has worked together with Docker to bring full support for the Docker ecosystem to Windows Server 2016. Docker driven containers simply offer better security, more agility, and improved portability and freedom for IT Professionals to move on-premise applications into the cloud.

For developers, docker-driven containers now represent a single set of development tools for managing both Linux and Windows apps allowing them to bridge the gap between open source and closed source.

Nano Servers

Nano Server is a nano version of Microsoft Server 2016. Remotely managed a Nano Server can only run 64-bit applications but offers features that you can optimise for minimum resources, requires far less patching, restarts quickly, and can perform some specific tasks very well with minimal hardware.

Powershell 5.0

Powershell 5.0 includes significant new features, including support for developing with classes and new security features that extend its use, improve its usability, and allow you to control and manage Windows-based environments more easily and comprehensively.


Final Thoughts


Summing up the previous list, we can conclude that the Windows Server development team put huge focus on the following OS subsystems:

  • Compute
  • Virtualization
  • Security

Those last three feature areas integrate nicely into a more cloud focused Microsoft, as Satya Nadella begins to make Microsoft his own.

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