Company loses £100,000 in accounting software hack – advice & information

We would like to inform everyone that we have just been made aware of a very serious incident in which a customer of ours has lost £100,000 to a hacker who had managed to gain access to the users accounts software and steal money through the transaction function. 

While occurrences such as this are extremely rare and Accounts packages such as Sage, Opera and Exchequer are held to the highest security standards, we felt obliged to remind you all that threats such as this do exist and should be a very real concern for business owners and finance departments.

Anyone who uses Accounting and Business software should be vigilant of cyber security threats and consider unexpected emails as suspicious, as we believe the source of the malware may have been an email.

We sat down and spoke to our security experts Tony Pearson and Phil Denham to find out more about the situation and what users can do to protect themselves from similar threats.

Watch the video below to find out more:


For more information on this incident, or for more cyber security advice, feel free to contact us on 01724 400300 or at