New Home-Working Webinar Announced

Success, again for our impromptu home-working workshops on Microsoft Teams shows a demand for knowledge and support in this area.

Following-on from our Microsoft Teams: Working From Home Workshop, and now our second webinar, Microsoft Teams: Creating & Using Teams, we’re going to be running a 3rd in the series.

Part 3 In Our Microsoft Teams Home-Working Workshops Is Coming Next Week

In direct response to the feedback, questions submitted and general engagement surrounding our home-working based webinar broadcasts, we’re pleased to announce a part 3 webinar to go-out-live next Tuesday 14th April.

This will cover some of our favourite features that can be found within the Teams platform, centring around best-practice for remote resource management and efficiency.

Read more about next week’s webinar, and register now on EventBrite by clicking the below link:

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We’re All In This Together – Don’t Worry!

The engagement that we’re getting around this subject is great – it shows that we’re all going through the same worries and struggles moving to home and remote working and physically how, as businesses we go about managing that efficiently.

Like you, overnight we’ve had to roll out remote services and get-to-grips with management of many staff at home. We’re in the same boat, and initially this was a very daunting prospect – but there are great benefits that we’re finding in using the collaboration technology available through Teams and other Cloud products in our portfolio.

We believe that this will change the way that we work going forward – so there really are positives to be found from this situation that we find ourselves in.

We’re putting the content of our webinars together from our own usage of the platform, so please do let us know if there’s anything particular that you want to know and we’ll look into it for you. We’re here to help you as much as we can in this tense and uncertain time, so do please – get in touch.

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[Recorded Webinar: 6th Apr 2020]
Microsoft Teams: Creating & Using Teams

For those that missed this morning’s broadcast, you can watch part 2 here, and you can go and watch part 1 again at your leisure here:

Microsoft Teams: Working From Home Online Workshop