Pegasus webinars this week!

The Pegasus Webinars are fast approaching! On the morning of 20th of January Pegasus experts will be discussing all the latest updates and features of their products to an online-audience.

Though there are only a few days left until the event, and Pegasus are reporting that there is now limited avilability to the event.

However, there is still time left to register your interest and gain access to the webinar. So if you’re interested in Mobile-Sales or work in the construction industry, don’t delay!

The event will be held online on this Friday (20th) and can be streamed live from the Pegasus website. Topics covered in the two webinars will be Mobile Sales at 10am and ‘CIS’ at 11:30am – see full details and registration below.

MOBILE SALES – 20.01.17 – 10:00AM:

The new Pegasus Mobile Sales App, released earlier in the year, is ideal for any Pegasus users who have sales reps out on the road and want to be able to access customer information quickly and easily.


PEGASUS CIS – 20.01.17 – 11:30AM:

Pegasus CIS is the perfect solution for anyone in, or who works with, the construction industry and for businesses who manage contractors and sub-contractors.


For more information on Pegasus software, talk to one of our experts on 01482 420373 or email us at