Success For Home-Working Webinar Spurs On More Workshops

We’re so pleased to announce the success of our first home-working workshop webinar this morning.

Nearly 200 like-minded business people tuned in to our Microsoft Teams: Working From Home Workshop webinar that went out live at 11am.

We all find ourselves in difficult times, with many of us thrust into new ways of thinking and working during the Coroanvirus outbreak. We’re very aware that the rush to home-working for many businesses is stressful enough without having to learn new software or collaboration platforms, so our first webinar was really there to facilitate this move and test the water regarding how comfortable businesses were with managing team members now primarily based at home.

From the uptake in registrations, the engagement and the feedback from this morning’s online meeting, it would appear that there is a great appetite to learn more and get-to-grips with the core changes of moving to the Cloud and physically how to effectively communicate and manage a team that’s no-longer in one place.

New Online Workshop Coming Next Week

In direct response to the feedback and questions submitted after this morning’s broadcast, we’re pleased to announce a part 2 webinar to go-out-live next Monday 6th April.

This one will look in more depth at the management of the Teams platform and how as managers you can better manage your team and resources remotely.

Read more about next week’s webinar, and register now on EventBrite by clicking the below link:

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We’re here to help you as much as we can in this tense and uncertain time, so if there’s anything specific that you’d like us to look at or you think would be useful for others – please let us know?

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[Recorded Webinar: 30th Mar 2020]
Microsoft Teams: Working From Home

For those that missed this morning’s broadcast, you can watch our initial overview here.