Wellness Wednesday

People Director, Lee Green, is launching a brand-new initiative for 2019 to ensure that as well as being the best place to work, HBP is also the healthiest.
Lee has been a mental health professional for decades, and in addition to his HR work at HBP, Lee, who is an Accredited Life Coach, works with staff offering coaching, mentoring and counselling. The response toward Lee’s well-being services has been overwhelmingly positive and now Lee has developed a new strategy, to help employees, help themselves.

What is Wellness Wednesday?

Wellness Wednesday is Lee’s incentive, that will take place on the last Wednesday of every month. On this day specific guidelines will be put into place and activities will be offered to ensure that everyone at the company is monitoring their health and fitness while being supported by their employer.


What guidelines will there be?

All of Lee’s guidelines have been designed to improve employee health. For example, on Wellness Wednesday, staff will not be able to book a meeting room; instead, they will have to conduct their meeting on the move or in the fresh air. Unhealthy snacks will be discouraged in the office and fruit will be provided by the company for free.


What else will be offered?

Lee will be arranging for an external specialist to come onsite every Wellness Wednesday to offer the staff professional advice regarding their physical and mental health. Already in the pipeline for 2019, is a Nutritionist / Personal Trainer, Financial Advisor and a Nurse to visit the team and offer staff their expertise on how they can improve their health.
HBP’s Operations and Finance Manager, John Anderton, will also be contributing to Wellness Wednesday by managing Let’s Get Active – a new group which will run out-of-hours sporting and exercise activities including jogging, hiking and badminton. Ideally, everyone will be involved in at least one activity.
In addition, every Wellness Wednesday, Lee will be releasing a new blog article which will focus the mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.


“It was the idea that we spend most of our lives at work, which launched HBP Systems’ campaign to be listed as a Times’ 100 Best Small Businesses To Work For. Wellness Wednesday is taking that a step further. Since I started officially in March 2018, I am really pleased with the progress the company has made towards putting their employees first and making HBP the best place to work it could possibly be. I want our people to see Wellness Wednesday as an additional benefit and opportunity for them to support and encourage each other to make healthier decisions at work”.
– Lee Green


Wellness Wednesday will be an ongoing, monthly occurrence and you can follow the journey of it and our staff by visiting our website, reading Lee’s blog posts and following HBP and Lee on social media via Twitter,  LinkedIn or Facebook.

We think it really will be a HAPPY New Year at HBP.