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When Considering Software Support, What’s The True Value Of Customer Service?

Software Support Companies are all the same: offer the same, do the same, say the same thing, but apart from price – how do you tell them apart?


There are many Software Support companies out there, all of which claim that they are the best at one thing or another, and are fiercely competitive on price. Now, with the understanding that “you get what you pay for”, in the event of choosing or moving support provider, other than reading potentially made-up endorsements or case studies online, you’ve not got much to go on. We can’t speak for other companies, but like many other companies – we are the best at supporting your software. The difference is, we can actually back it up.


Ultimately, HBP is a service company. We may be able to provide all manner of business software, IT networks, phones, EPOS – you name it, we can supply it, but in real-world terms, we have no product to call our own. Nevertheless, like a manufacturer or producer, we do have assets, and service is our product – HBP Systems build people.


The Writing’s On The Wall!


We have something one of kind, something that no other software support company has and that is our staff. Our wonderful staff are the key to your experience. They know Customer Service is paramount throughout our support services, and it runs through everything we do. There is no denying that other support companies can fix your issues, but what we know for sure, is that you’ll have the best service and experience with us.


Typically, we support software that forms the core of your company. The productivity of many of your staff, production schedules, deliveries, replenishment etc. rely on the smooth running of your business software and ultimately this directly affects your profit. People use this software every day, and it’s integral to making informed decisions. When it goes wrong or doesn’t do what you think it should be doing, your business can suffer from a serious lack of productivity and it’s very easy to get frustrated.


Products do not fix themselves, people fix them. People represent and translate products to you – so it’s the people that matter when you are being provided with a service, and more importantly, when you need help.


It’s the sympathetic understanding of our customers’ journey that solidifies our foundation of Customer Service – and ultimately our support services.
One product of HBP’s production line, with true sympathetic understanding, is our Technical Services Manager, Rachelle Gray.


Ten Years Of Understanding


2018 has been an incredibly significant year for HBP’s support team. Rachelle recently celebrated ten years with the company and she’s personally influenced our support offering over the last decade.


Having initially joined the company as a Pegasus Support Analyst Trainee in 2008, in Rachelle’s current role, she’s responsible for the daily running and overseeing of our award-winning support teams. Maintaining our industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our customers is a personal passion, and the “knowledgeable, user-centric and customer-focused” approach to support of her team has been instrumental in our 98% excellent customer satisfaction record.


“It is all about considering what would be a unique experience for the customer and how we can make life easier for them” – Rachelle Gray


Rachelle has been pivotal in developing our support services and she’s inspired her team to go above and beyond for HBP’s customers. Software-specific training and industrial accreditation are a given for anyone on the support desk, but we go one step further. Considering our customers and their daily routine, all of our software support team are AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualified. This means that from the initial “hello”, they know what you’re trying to achieve irrespective of the product that we’re supporting. Due to our dedication in forming long-standing relationships with our customers, we are able to form a non-biased and expert opinion as to what our clients’ individual requirements are – even if they do not know themselves.
Prior to joining HBP, Rachelle worked as a Recruitment Agent, and before she began her position as a trainee, she had no experience with business or accounting software. Her journey from an inexperienced trainee to the Manager of an entire Support Department (in 2016) is more than a career milestone for Rachelle. Her journey has inspired her to help others through our support services.


In 2014 Rachelle single-handedly wrote HBP Systems’ A Beginners’ Guide To Pegasus Opera 3 Part 1 and Part 2, which are acclaimed Opera 3 (a business software and accounting package) support guides. The content in these free-to-download guides is the product of Rachelle’s expertise and empathy due to her own experience as a trainee, without such a support. These guides not only maximise our customers’ experience but also prove to other companies in need of support why they should entrust us with it.


Rachelle’s initiative has also inspired other specialists and supporters at HBP to develop otherwise non-existent support guides. We believe that by our specialists sharing their expertise and creating content that would have benefited them as beginners, we can provide something invaluable to the learners.


Four years on, Rachelle’s Opera 3 support guides are still in high demand and are downloaded worldwide … daily.


To mark her ten years at HBP, this year Rachelle was inspired to develop and deliver another original training scheme. From May to August, she presented the first ever Pegasus Refresher Course. Inspired to create the four-part, webinar series in response to frequently asked questions on the support desk that her department receives, it was seen that there was a knowledge gap in our customer base. In doing so, Rachelle saw an excellent opportunity to help a mass of individual users, who experience and encounter the same difficulties.


To review and analyse these support requests, Rachelle utilised our internal customer portal/support helpdesk solution, which celebrated its first anniversary this year. Another of Rachelle’s customer-experience-led projects, she championed, researched, implemented and trained her team on. The system revolutionised our support offering incorporating the entire support group and allows our customers to raise and track support requests more easily than ever before. The system has not just made it easier for customers to alert us of any issues they may be experiencing, but it also allows us to examine support requests and use them to improve our service and customer experience.




Best Today, Better Tomorrow


Our 97% customer retention rate is a testament to the quality, reliability and proficiency of our support services. While this is a fantastic credit to our team, in the spirit our company mission statement, Best Today, Better Tomorrow, we will continue to innovate new ways to improve – always with our customers in mind.


Software Support Companies are all the same: offer the same, do the same, say the same thing, but apart from price – how do you tell them apart?

We’re not the same. Talk to our people. Hear their passion. Read their testimonies.


Rachelle is fundamental in the decision making regarding our support department and customer relations, and her passion has directly influenced our award-winning customer service. Over her ten-years with HBP, she has become one of the country’s leading Pegasus Support Specialists, making her experience and expertise invaluable to Opera users in need of support or training.


You need the best support you can get, and you get it from us. So if you would like further information the UK’s best support company, then please contact us on 01724 400 000, our specialists cannot wait to help.