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AP Robinson

A P ROBINSON & Co is a well-established form of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, service a client base with a large proportion of family businesses employing fewer than 100 people and turning over up to £10m.

When A P Robinson & Co looked ahead to consider its expansion over a five-year period it foresaw not only that the profession and the business would change considerably, but also that IT would play a significant role in that change. Although its existing IT supplier was doing a fair job, the company believed that to continue to offer its clients the best levels of service, more was needed; and that it ought to engage in a partnership with an IT provider with an understanding of the challenges and problems which potentially law ahead. The resulting tender process led to the discovery of what we had to offer. The company said: “We believe HBP Systems will support the growth of our business long term. All the confidence we placed in them at the start of our contract has come to fruition. We have had no issues and no problems. “As well as being friendly, helpful and courteous, they work quickly, and speed is important to us. We have to have our systems up and running all the time. “We believe HBP Systems can look after IT systems and support better than anyone in this area.”