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Thornbridge Brewery

THORNBRIDGE BREWERY employs about 50 people in the Derbyshire town of Bakewell, from where it supplies a range of beers to supermarkets, six pubs it owns in the Sheffield area, and the 38 countries to which it exports. Being a world class brewer, it wanted an IT supplier of similar stature.

As well as work to the highest standard, the Thornbridge Brewery objective in finding the right IT supplier involved identifying a company with the correct cultural fit – and they found it in HBP Systems. Our relationship with Thornbridge goes back almost 10 years to the time they recruited an IT Manager from us – but we don’t bear grudges! We were pleased they found our sales process comfortable. That’s important, because we like to think that alongside high standards of service, our clients must be comfortable with the way we operate. Thornbridge take the view that they need to be professional in their business, but that they need to be laid back too, and they see the same thing in us. They like that we provide quick and robust answers. They like the way that whenever they need to talk to us they are working with people they know and trust, and who understand their business. As they say, individuals matter, because it’s the individuals you rely on to get things done.