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Unified Communications

Creating a unified communications system with your business helps your employees to communicate easily and efficiently with each other and with your customers. The system starts with your core telephone system which comes with all of the functionality you’d expect – voicemail, conference calling, remote working capabilities etc. – as well as a range of options to help you save you money on your calls.

VOIP and SIP lines

All the benefits of a hosted system from an on premise solution.

Auto Attendants

Streamline the way in which your customers reach each department with an automated receptionist.

Advanced Voicemail

Receive and access email wherever you are with email alerts and voicemail forwarding.

Conference Calling

Save on travelling time and expenses with simple to use conference calling functionality.

Avaya Partner

As a leading Avaya supplier to small and medium sized businesses you can be confident in using HBP Systems.

IT Network Support

With a wide range of IT support and installation services we can integrate your phone system with the rest of your network.

Expert Engineers

We regularly train our engineers to ensure that skills levels are maintained and we can advise you on the latest software developments available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions surrounding Digital Telephone Systems

What is a VOIP phone system?

A VOIP phone system (which stands for Voice over IP) is a method of delivering voice calls over the internet. Typically this helps to reduce call costs – especially when it comes to inter-company calls or calls between different sites which are part of the same network.

Should I buy a hosted or on premise phone system?

This will depend heavily on the size of your phone system and your requirements. A hosted phone system is often paid for on a subscription basis, where as an on premise solution is purchased outright – meaning that the total cost of ownership is lower for an on premise solution but there is more flexibility with a hosted system.

If you’d like to find out which solution is best for your business we’d suggest getting in touch with us so we can have a discussion about your requirements.

Who are Avaya?

Avaya is an American technology company that provides business communication solutions for customer engagement. One of their most popular products is the IP Office Platform, a simple unified collaboration solution for businesses wanting to increase customer and team engagement through the use of communications.

We are a certified Avaya Reseller offering implementation and support for your telephony systems.

What is IP Office?

Avaya IP Office is the core of Avaya's leading phone system for small and medium sized businesses. Along with your choice of handsets, and customised functionality, Avaya IP Office provides all of the functionality an SME will need.

What size of business is Avaya IP Office designed for?

IP Office is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses and can start at as few as five users, and easily scales to 3,000 users at a single site or up to 150 locations.

What can HBP offer me for my digital telephone systems?

  • Ethernet Switches: This range of core and access switches supports from entry-level branch offices (through premium high-performance Wiring Closet) to Campus Core and Data Center applications.
  • Branch Routers: Avaya integrated routers, gateways, and appliances allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect branch sites.
  • Wireless Networks: This cost-effective and scalable solution enables enterprises to deploy wireless coverage. Both overlay and unified wired/wireless deployments are supported.