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Download Our Mobile Containers: The Russian Dolls of Mobile Security White Paper

Download Our Mobile Containers: The Russian Dolls of Mobile Security White Paper

Mobile Containerisation is a method to create secure separation between your network users' devices and your business data. Read more to understand how this can help your business and protect your data without hindering performance.

Phones and Tariffs from EE

Superfast 4G on the UK’s largest network

Driving connectivity forward

EE were the first company in the United Kingdom to introduce LTE technology in 2012 and with more than three million people enjoying the benefits of 4G EE have invested in developing 5G technology so, your business can be rest assured EE is developing the future.

Boost your Phone Signal

Is your office a signal blind spot? With EE you are now able to use your business Wi-Fi to make and receive calls and texts on your mobile as normal.

A healthier work/life balance for your employees

4G by EE makes flexible working as easy as ever. With speeds that rival a broadband connection you can ensure your workforce is always connected.

Never drop signal

The 2G signal on EE covers over 99.8% of the UK population. Its 3G network covers around 98% and their superfast 4G covers 93% of the UK population. On the move or at the office making phone calls, sending texts and browsing the web has never been this reliable.

Dedicated Account Manager

When using HBP Systems Ltd as your business devices provider you are assigned a dedicated account manager who is experienced in the mobile industry.


Our team of experienced communications account managers want to offer your business the best devices to fit your business.

25 Years' Experience

For over 25 years HBP Systems Ltd have provided IT and Accounting solutions and our infrastructure experience means we can integrate your mobile phones and tablets directly into your network providing a fuller experience for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about EE…

Why EE?

EE's 4G network now reaches more than 95% of the UK population so you can get superfast speeds in more places. So no matter where you're calling from, the chances are that you'll get a signal with EE.

I travel internationally, is EE the network for me?

Yes. 'Roaming' is how we describe texting, calling and using data while you're abroad. EE Roaming Add-ons alert you when you run out of data or minutes so that you don't run up and unexpected bill.

If you’re travelling in Europe you can purchase either EE’s Euro Pass products (Euro Pass or Euro Data Pass, depending on which plan you have) or one of EE’s standard roaming data add-ons.

If you're travelling to the rest of the world there are different options available depending on the country you're visiting. Contact us for more information.

How can I be sure EE’s signal works where I am?

We supply a range of network checker phones meaning you will never be left in the dark, not knowing if you are in an EE hotspot or not. Our network checker phones allow you to test phone call quality, internet speeds, and more.

What mobile devices support 4GEE?

All devices we sell that support 4G will support 4GEE – phones that don’t support 4G as standard will support EE’s thriving 3G and 2G networks, meaning you still get the benefits of EE’s coverage simply without a 4G handset.