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Download Our Mobile Containers: The Russian Dolls of Mobile Security White Paper

Download Our Mobile Containers: The Russian Dolls of Mobile Security White Paper

Mobile Containerisation is a method to create secure separation between your network users' devices and your business data. Read more to understand how this can help your business and protect your data without hindering performance.

Phones and Tariffs from O2

Mobile connectivity, when you need it.

Twice as much power, twice as much coverage

In 2013 O2 announced a partnership with Vodafone. Vodafone use some of O2‘s masts, and O2 use some of Vodafone’s masts, it’s a partnership made in heaven. They haven’t merged but joined forces to give you better coverage across the UK, so you get two masts for the price of one.

Save time with 4G

UK businesses save 9.4 million hours every week with mobile technology, don’t get left behind. With O2 you can take advantage of the latest 4G connectivity offering the fastest connection speeds allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency within your workforce.

Unprecedented Coverage

Indoor mobile coverage is a huge issue for business owners, directors and managers like you. However, O2 are the only operator committed to a regulatory requirement of reaching 98% indoor population coverage by 2017

A network of the future

O2 are constantly making sure their network is the very best it can be. But how? Telefonica (O2) spend over £1.5 million a day on improving coverage capacity and upgrading equipment.

Dedicated Account Manager

When using HBP Systems Ltd as your business devices provider you are assigned a dedicated account manager who is experienced in the mobile industry.


Our team of experienced communications account managers want to offer your business the best devices to fit your business.

25 Years' Experience

For over 25 years HBP Systems Ltd have provided IT and Accounting solutions and our infrastructure experience means we can integrate your mobile phones and tablets directly into your network providing a fuller experience for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions surrounding Office 365

Why O2?

O2 is the second largest mobile network in the United Kingdom, as part of the Telefonica group they cover over 99% of the UK population on 2G, 80% with 4G and 70% on 4G with projected coverage of 98% by 2017.

How can I check signal in my area?

Contact us. We’ll be able to issue you a network checker phone allowing you to check the coverage in your area; from this phone you’ll be able to send texts, check phone call quality and test internet connectivity.