2019’s First Fundraising Event Raises 91% Of The Whole Year’s Target

In February, we ran a 48-Hour Charity Gameathon to raise money for our 2019 chosen charities, Sands UK and Women V Cancer. The goal of this two-day event was to raise £500 towards the year’s target, but instead, we raised an incredible £2738.76.


Every year we fundraise for charities that have been elected by our people, so they are always close to home. Sands (the stillbirth and neonatal death charity) and Women V Cancer were unanimously voted for as our causes as their work had affected several people at the company during 2018. For 2019, our internally-managed Charity Committee decided to change the fundraising strategy. They increased the donations target and challenged each company director to organise one, major fundraising event.

Up first, was our Operations Director, Tony Pearson, who decided to organise a Gameathon, which is an event of non-stop gaming, of any sorts. Tony said, “a lot of our staff are already avid gamers so I thought it would be a great way to get lots of people involved”. Each participant was required to raise £50 in donations to enter, with the rest of the company expected to help raise donations and awareness.

Before the Gameathon commenced, we felt confident that because of the support we were receiving, we were going to meet our £500 donations target. However, once our gamers began live-streaming via Facebook, the interaction intensified. “The live-stream was only to prove that we were genuinely gaming for two days straight. I was amazed by the engagement it received; it was not wildly exciting to look at,” admits Tony. By the Gameathon’s halfway mark, we had already tripled our £500 target, with most of the donations coming in during the live-stream. At the end of our 48-hour Gameathon, we had raised five-times more than the initial goal and 91% of the whole year’s target.


“We were doing something different, in terms of a fundraising event and bringing together people at the company who don’t usually have the opportunity to work together. But the most important thing is that two incredible organisations, that go above and beyond to help people every day, will benefit from this”.
– Tony Pearson on the event’s success

Our People Director, Lee Green, who is a member of our Charity Committee explains, “fundraising for our community is part of HBP’s culture and integral to the business”. The company will match the amount that has been raised, so Lee says that “it is vital that all of our staff get involved and support our chosen charities”.
Just one event has raised 91% of the year’s target, and we still have three more to come. Current plans for major events include an obstacle fun-run and The Three Peaks Challenge, as well as our monthly bake sales and competitions. We want to thank everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts, and especially thank Sands UK and Women V Cancer for the selfless and life-saving work that you do.

To find out more about our fundraising activities, visit our House Charities Page. Here you can donate, read blogs and see how we help.