HBP Swap Computers For Kennels For Annual Charity Cause

Jerry Greens Dog Rescue is a charity dedicated to caring for and providing the best quality of life possible for rescue dogs. Established back in 1961, Jerry Greens founded the organisation and over half a century later his legacy continues to encourage the humane treatment of dogs everywhere, especially those in need of a loving home.

While it is impossible to compare an IT company to a dog rescue organisation, HBP recognise similar values between Jerry Greens and ourselves with regards to employee dedication to offering the best service possible to those who require it. In addition to this, HBP strongly believe that it is vital to give back to the community in which we operate. After acknowledging the outstanding and selfless work Jerry Greens do, our Social and Charity Committee decided to make them our chosen charity for 2018.

So far this year the HBP Group have participated in bake sales, fun runs, pub quizzes and prize draws to raise funds for Jerry Greens. To celebrate half a year’s fundraising for Jerry Greens, on Tuesday 19th June, four members of HBP went over to their Broughton site to spend the day volunteering with them.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the centre’s Corporate Fundraiser, Claire Ryan, who gave us a rundown of the day, a tour of the site and most importantly, introduced us to the adorable dogs. The day was spent alternating between dog walking, cleaning and gardening, and on a glorious June day it was a welcome break from the office.

Most of us at HBP are dog-lovers, some of our team have even adopted rescue dogs from Jerry Greens – so already it was an organisation close to many hearts. Considering this, obvious benefits of volunteering at a dog rescue centre would typically include the opportunity of getting to play with and pet the pooches. And while gazing at their furry faces instead of our computer screens all day was a lot easier on the eye, this was not the only luxury.

We know the word ‘charity’ and its positive connotations, but it’s easy to take the notion for granted and not really consider the amount of effort it takes to make a successful charitable organisation work, especially for over 50 years. While our day volunteering involved a lot of physical activity that, working for an IT company, we were not used to, it was not even a fraction of what the staff on the site do every single day. It was truly humbling to witness first-hand the incredible work Jerry Greens do in the name of protecting animals and educating people on how to treat them.

Although most of the dogs wanted a fuss and to play, not all of them had the confidence to be approached by or left with strangers, as the staff must build this trust and confidence over time. Sometimes it is the case that unforeseen circumstances occur to decent owners and they must make the difficult decision to entrust the future care of their pet with an organisation like Jerry Greens, in the hope that they will find another loving home. Unfortunately, these circumstances do not apply to all the dogs living at the rescue centre, and the trauma they have experienced has left them distrusting of humans. Nevertheless, the charity prides itself on the fact ‘Every dog that enters a Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre will receive the highest standard of care and welfare’ – and they will take the time with every individual dog that needs the support, to build up its confidence and learn to be loved.

Even post-adoption, Jerry Greens continue to offer support to the dogs and their new families, as ‘a Jerry Green dog is always a Jerry Green dog’. Through their support services for dogs and their owners, Jerry Greens are constantly encouraging people outside of their community to be a part of it. Having your dog cared for by Jerry Greens is not a negative as the organisation offers multiple services for domesticated pets too. Services include; grooming, training, boarding and day-care – all of which are conducted by one of their highly experienced members of staff.

Through these additional services, Jerry Greens are able to increase fundraising and advocacy for their organisation and community. Sadly, like humans, dogs become institutionalised when they have been kept in a rescue kennel environment for a long time. The dedicated workers at Jerry Greens will help new owners make this transition from the rescue centre to their new home go as smoothly as possible. The rescue centre HBP visited in Broughton, is very close to having its own, on-site retail shop being fully completed, which will be specifically stocked Jerry Greens’ specialities – such as Harrington’s dog food, amongst other creature comforts.

All staff at the HBP Group are encouraged to take two, paid days a year for volunteering and fundraising, which is extraordinary for any company to allow. While meeting targets and boosting figures matters, it is also important to follow our value of being passionate. With another volunteering day scheduled in July, and many, many more fundraising activities planned to raise money for Jerry Greens Dog Rescue, everyone at HBP cannot wait to see what the next 6 months will bring for both of our organisations. Spending a day on site made our fundraising more than just ‘a nice thing to do’, it has made us realise the real difference we can make to such a worthy cause.