Jo Dixon In The Running For The Best Business Women Awards 2018

HBP Systems’ tenacious MD has made it on to the shortlists of two categories for these national business awards.


The awards, open to any UK based company run by female owners, directors and entrepreneurs, has seen the largest number of entrants in its history in 2018. Founded in 2015, the creator and organiser, Debbie Gilbert, was inspired to launch The Best Business Women Awards to honour successful women across a diverse range of industries. Now considered to be “one of the UK’s most prestigious awards for business women”, it’s fast becoming a country-wide celebration of female achievement in business, with incorporated and “Winners Club” events spanning the yearly events calendar.


Managing Director of 26-years, Joanne Dixon, and her team at HBP are finalists in the categories Best Business Woman STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and Customer Service. The company is absolutely delighted with the recognition towards two of our strongest values. Providing our customers with the best possible service and experience is at the heart of everything we do across all departments of the company. Whether staff are customer facing or office based, HBP considers this nomination to be a testament towards our staffs’ teamwork and dedication.


We published an article about our customer service just the other day.


“You can have both… a family and a career”
– Jo Dixon



Another strong value that we’re always looking to advocate and express to our community is the importance of women working in IT. For over 25 years, Jo knows first-hand just how hard it can be as a woman working in patriarchal STEM industry, having fought against and confronted all the sexist stigma she received running an IT and software solutions company. This scrutiny has not just failed miserably to deter her career ambition or her company but has spurred her on to buck trends and challenge the perceived position of women in business. Jo has never let her full-time and hectic job affect her personal and home life. Her children are easily the most precious thing in her life and Jo wishes more women understood, “you can have both… a family and a career”!


The Black Tie Gala Final and awards ceremony will take place in Welwyn Garden City on Thursday, 11th October 2018. We’ll be there to celebrate, but please do wish Jo the best of luck in this endeavour.


We’ll keep Twitter up to date on the night – so stay tuned.