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Benefits Of Using Sophos Phish Threat

Regular & Automated Security Education

Keep your staff updated of new and developing trends in cyberthreats and promote cyber-awareness throughout your company through a low-maintenance and dynamic solution.

100’s Of Different, Authentic Scenarios

Phish Threat training can simulate 100’s of different phishing examples which can be tailored to be pertinent to your industry and business. Ranging from banks and eCommerce site to social media and internal staff members, Phish Threat keeps your staff vigilant of fraudulent activity and bogus requests for personal data.

Comprehensive Reporting

Measure risk levels, get usage feedback and expose knowledge gaps and areas for further education. Automatic enrolment on to bite-sized video-based training courses, with automated escalation for repeat offenders helps towards your peace of mind and a more cyber-threat-savvy workforce.

Expose Risky Behaviour & Protect Your Company Data

The point of Phish Threat is increase awareness of Personal Data Phishing attempts and educate users on the tell-tale signs to spot fraudulent communications. The bigger picture is that it protects your business data by reducing the potential of computers and devices become compromised by viruses and malware, by exposing risky staff behaviour and raising the overall awareness of your organisation.

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