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IT Security Solutions

Why a Lack of Cyber Security Could Wipe Out Your Business

Cyber-crime is big business – and you could be under attack at this very moment. Thieves work on an industrial scale to steal data – and in the UK the average cost of getting over an attack is an eye-watering £560,000.

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Of course that can be too big a mountain to climb, and firms simply go to the wall. But it doesn’t need to be that way. At HBP Systems we’ve won awards for our expertise in IT security, and we’ll happily share what we know with you and your customers and suppliers, surrounding your systems with a ring of steel.

What is IT Security?

In short, cyber security adds vital layers of protection to help businesses avoid the devastation of a cyber-attack. Our intrusion prevention technology provides real-time protection against network threats, as well as providing the latest and most advanced filtering systems and anti-spam systems direct from our privately-owned duel data centres.

Without the right security in place, you might need a full disaster recovery solution. We have that too, but you don’t need us to tell you that prevention is better than cure.

So What Are The Solutions?

Intrusion Detection

With real-time monitoring of network traffic we can highlight vulnerabilities, monitor systems and detect intruders.


Acting as a vital barrier, our firewall solutions expose hidden risks, stops unknown threats and isolates infected systems to stop them spreading.

Anti-Virus Software

Predictive artificial intelligence virus scanning prevents sophisticated viruses such as malware and ransomware from penetrating your network.


Blocks phishing imposters and protects employees from attacks using fraudulent email addresses that impersonate trusted contacts.

Business Grade Wi-Fi

Provides separate guest logins as well as restricting access to undesirable websites, and reduces overall risk to your Wi-Fi.


Be GDPR compliant by encrypting your files and protecting your data. Vital if you misplace one of your devices, or from potential hackers too.

Off-Site Back-Ups

Ensure your systems and servers can be reloaded with the latest data in the event of a disaster, accidental error, or system crash.

Disaster Recovery

A solution which ensures that, in the event of a disaster, your company’s critical functions can be restored and run with minimal disruption

Business Continuity - Zero Downtime Within Your Business

We’re proud of the fact that HBP Systems is an excellent business continuity partner, which we can illustrate through these vital features of our services – all of them designed to eliminate network downtime:

Data Back-Up Solutions

Protect your data with our portfolio of back-up solutions as well as our own in-house data centre.

Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage, and secure your employees using business mobile devices.

Secure Wi-Fi

Easy-to-manage guest access Wi-Fi with enterprise grade authentication.

Business Continuity Planning

Create a detailed plan to ensure your business gets back up and running, in-case the worst happens.

Close Working Relationship

Our working relationships with the companies developing security software means we’re able to offer extremely competitive prices.

Here for you

More than 600 companies already trust the award-winning support we’re able to offer from our dedicated offices on both banks of the Humber – but the power of IT, and our understanding of it, mean we’re never more than a call or and email away. You’re in safe hands with HBP Systems.

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The thing that sets HBP above the competition is they are good people to deal with, they’re helpful, they understand our needs and the support was excellent. They go the extra mile for us – I don’t think we’d be without them.

Helen Kent, BG Solicitors

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