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IT & Information Security Frameworks

We Go one Step Beyond

There’s cyber security – and then there’s HBP Systems’ Security Framework, its bigger, tougher brother.

Businesses which take the security of their systems and data so seriously that they want more than ‘standard’ rely on our Security Framework; effectively ‘ software solutions plus’. It goes without saying that deployment of the right security software is vital, but its setup and ongoing maintenance are equally important. Without getting those elements right, you could still be left vulnerable to attack. Our Framework offering ensures your network is set up correctly for all staff, policies are put in place to prioritise security, and staff training is provided to ensure every area is covered as effectively as possible.

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Covering every area includes business continuity planning; the creation of systems to mitigate the impact of potential threats to a company, and to get you up and running again as quickly as possible is disaster should strike from any direction.

IT Security Framework Defined

People are a company’s most important asset – but they’re also its IT network’s weakest link. Establishing an IT & Information Security Framework is the basis for creation of an IT & Information Security Policy for your business, bringing cyber security front and centre in the spotlight.

Establishing a business-wide policy, and sticking to it, creates a fundamental commitment to working in a secure way and all levels of the business, and protecting your company data and information.

An effecctive Policy in your workplace is a great way to set a foundation of IT Security to help protect against data theft, cybercrime and loss of time and money through IT Security flaws.

Pick the Security Framework Level That's Right For You



The default minimum level. Our engineers will install your IT solutions to this level of security – whether you’ve requested it or not.



This builds on the Standard package. It offers a much stronger level of protection for your network and encompasses the Government’s scheme Cyber Essentials accreditation.



Through our consultancy service we’ll develop a to meet specific industry or other certification.

Why You Should Adopt Our IT Security Framework

A cyber security framework from HBP Systems guards against cyber-attacks, protecting organisations and individuals from unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies.

Implementing a company-wide IT Security policy establishes robust controls in three areas: people, processes and technology. This approach helps organisations defend themselves from highly-organised attacks and common internal threats, such as accidental breaches and simple human error.

Our Cyber Security Consultants will work with you to align your Strategy to your current and future business operations – and more importantly support in developing and implementing tools and processes you’ll need to make it work.

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The thing that sets HBP above the competition is they are good people to deal with, they’re helpful, they understand our needs and the support was excellent. They go the extra mile for us – I don’t think we’d be without them.

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