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Security Framework

Protecting Your Network Beyond Software

For businesses who take the security of their systems and data seriously, we’ve developed our Security Framework which take things a step beyond software solutions. Of course, deploying the right security software is vital but the set up and ongoing maintenance of your system is equally important, and without it you could still be left very vulnerable. Our framework ensures that your network is set up correctly for all staff, policies are put in place to prioritise security and staff training is provided to ensure every area is covered.

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IT & Information Security Frameworks, IT Outsourcing & Other Services from HBP Systems.

Our IT & Information Security Framework Services Feature:

Network Configuration

Ensure your network is configured to protect your data and systems.

Software Configuration

Advanced set up of your firewall, anti-virus and other security solutions.

Staff Training

Include staff training and testing as part of your framework easily.

Regular Reviews

On-site visits to check, test and update your security framework.

Cyber Essentials

Our framework meets the requirements of Cyber Essentials.

IT & Information Security Frameworks, IT Outsourcing & Other Services from HBP Systems.

Compare Solutions

Our comparison table makes it easy to see which solution is best for your business

Feature Standard Advanced Custom
Internal device password policies
Encryption of back-ups
Secure internal WiFi
Standard Client Firewall Configuration
Anti-Virus configuration
Remote Access configuration for external staff usage
Patching of client devices and servers
External IT Security Scan and Report
Advanced password policies across all devices (internal and external)
Advanced Client Firewall Configuration including resource restrictions
Advanced configuration of Anti-Virus and Email scanning policies
Software licence and device auditing
Enforcement of central administration for all client devices and servers
In-Depth IT Security Scan and Report (plus action any findings)
Monthly IT Security Based Site visit
Monthly review of security policy and set up
Cyber Essentials Compliance
PCI Compliance
Custom set up of any security aspect to meet specific requirements

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