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Benefits Of Using KC Smart Link

On-demand Data

Push pricing changes, stock availability, transaction data and more to all endpoints from your accounts/business software, and pull new transactions or user-content on-demand. Create a seamless loop of data across multiple channels, apps or services.

Greater Visibility

Generate and view reports from all your different individual channels. Make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data and grow your business. Manage all your sales and customer experience channels from your accounts software at the touch of a button.

One Sales Platform

Remove human intervention and re-keying of data, therefore virtually eliminating human error across all of your sales endpoints. Connect your sales and transaction data to any 3rd party application, service, website or app and create one, single, seamless platform.

Improve Customer Service

Give you customers what they want by providing individual, specific content or transaction data. Meet and exceed customer demand in your industry with a customer service mobile app, customer-specific pricing in your on-line shop or develop a loyalty strategy from historic orders to increase lifetime spend and make your customers feel valued. What you do is up to you, but how you do it is with KC Smart Link.

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