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Learn How To Spot Authentic Emails From Spear-Fishing & Fraudulent Emails From Your Contacts List.

This recorded webinar will give you insight into a growing phenomenon in the automated hacking world called Spear Fishing. At HBP, we’ve detected a spate of it that is affecting our customers, so we’ve put together a short webinar to give you the tools and knowledge to protect yourself from these very targeted attacks.

Cyber crime is more than just an illegal tactic designed to threaten a victim’s finances, data and network – it’s a career. To make a living out of cyber crime it takes an unbelievable amount of skill, dedication, cunning and absolutely no conscience.

About The Webinar:

Recently our IT and cyber security specialists at HBP have detected a vast increase in the amount of cyber criminals using seemingly authorised emails to target their victims. Most cyber attacks are influenced by money, whether they take it from you or blackmail you into giving it to them.

In direct response to a spate of new-style impersonator emails that have been detected by HBP Group IT Support, Commercial Director Phil Denham and Technical Director Tony Pearson will host an educational webinar exposing this latest threat – as it’s on the increase.

Focusing on live examples of what to look out for to detect these spam-defence-immune emails, this emergency 15 minute webinar is aimed at educating all staff and potentially saving your company thousands in downtime and lost revenue.

Key Topics:

  • What the new-style impersonation threat is
  • Examples of the emerging threat
  • Why this new threat is spam-defence-immune
  • What to look for to verify authenticity of previously authorised emails
  • Steps to prevent the spread of these social engineering emails

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