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Free 1hr Webinar: Microsoft Teams – Our Favourite Features.

Following the success of our Microsoft Teams workshops we’re going to run through some hints, tips and features we love!

About The Webinar:

Following on from our sessions around using Microsoft Teams, we're going to cover off some of our favourite features in the software - some big and some small.

These hints and tips will provide you with some ideas on extra features so save you time, engage even better before and keep yourself organised within Microsoft Teams. So if you're new to Teams or would like a refresher on how to set up and get your teams functioning, this is the webinar for you!

Don't forget this will be followed by an open Question and Answer session. You will be invited to discuss any queries about how you've been using Teams so far as well as what else you would like to do with it.

Key Topics:

  • Hints & Tips on usage of Teams.
  • Highlight extra features that could save you time.
  • Organise your teams and collaboration to your advantage.
  • Make things easier to manage.

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