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Managed IT Solutions

Delivering peace of mind with Managed IT Services

As far as your company’s IT system is concerned, we never sleep. Our round-the-clock vigilance means the IT your company relies on for its very existence is always running at optimum efficiency, allowing you to do what you do best in your own area of expertise. We call it Managed IT Solutions.

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Work with us, and you’ll never again have to concern yourself with managing IT systems, data storage and backup, disaster recovery, and all the other things your business can’t manage without.

What Are Managed IT Solutions?

Having HBP Systems in your corner is as close as possible to get a ‘fit and forget’ IT solution. We offer year-round 24-hour cover that keeps your systems running smoothly. Entrust us with complete responsibility for your IT infrastructure, and we’ll combine regular maintenance and proactive diagnosis of the health of your system to make sure it’s always there, and the click of a mouse. What’s more, we’ll advise about updates, secure data storage, and a range of other things to make sure your IT is as good as it can be.

What Do Businesses Get Out Of This?

  • Hassle-free availability of all servers, networks, and workstations
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Thorough maintenance
  • Peace of mind
  • Elimination of risk to business continuity
  • A more efficient business

Our Managed IT Services

Remote Monitoring

Our experts and the software at their disposal monitor numerous workstations and IT systems at the same time, so we can spot issues before they have a chance to harm the workflow of your business. We’ll also fit in all routine maintenance when it becomes necessary.  We’ll do that round the clock, and nip potential problems in the bud ­– often before you knew there was a problem!

IT Remote Monitoring by HBP Systems
IT Facilities Management by HBP Systems

IT Facilities Management

Sustaining an in-house IT department with expertise and knowledge of the cutting edge of the industry is such an expensive business that it’s beyond most SMEs – which is why working with HBP Systems is the way to go. We provide all of that expertise at a fraction of the cost. And what’s more, we invest heavily in training all of our experts so they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to maximising IT to make the most of your business.

The Personal Touch

It would be easy for us to force you to contact us via live chat and email – and we do offer those options. But we also recognise that the most important part of a computer system is the people who operate it, and that’s your employees. Therefore, we also provide a phone number. If you need us, give us a ring. What’s more, we go a step further, and give you a named contact who understands you and your network – because people matter.

Knowledgeable Friendly and Helpful Support Staff
In-House Data Centre at HBP Systems

Your Data, Stored Your Way

The options for data storage are numerous, and we’ll advise on what’s best for your business. That might be on your own servers on company premises, our servers, or in the cloud. We have the expertise to explain the options and the advantages of each in the context of your business, to help you make an informed decision about the best way to go. And then we can implement your choice on your behalf.

Being Proactive

The pace of change in IT is dizzyingly fast – but work with HBP Systems, and we’ll make certain you don’t fall. We’ll plan and undertake structured maintenance, update your software, monitor existing systems and advise on and implement new IT projects – in fact anything IT-related that you could ever need to maximise the business benefit from your IT spend.

Proactive Support from HBP Systems

Proactive Essential Maintenance

With HBP’s PEM service, you will be assigned a dedicated and highly qualifited IT Engineer. Their job is to be responsible for protecting and caring for your IT system. Think of your PEM engineer as part of your internal IT team. They willk monitor and carry out maintenance on your network both remotely and on-site, through regular scheduled visits. Any work required on your network, identified through these thorough checks, will be actioned immediately, whether it is a user issue, your network security or future-planning.

What’s Covered in PEM?

Windows Updates

PEM ensures the automated application of Windows Updates, which occur when patches have been released to protect your network against security vulnerabilities. Also known as Bug fixes, PEM monitors this to improve security visibility and performance on your network.

Security updates

Cyber defences can be installed and updated on your network, without disruption to your business. Our experienced PEM team will work around you to plan and schedule sensible updates, minimising any downtime.

Extend Your Remote Monitoring

If you already have Remote Monitoring (RM), PEM will increase its accountability by reviewing and discussing the data captured. Building on the standard monitoring criteria, our PEM engineers analyse network usage data to plan project and maintenance routines for your specific needs. Benefit not only from the increased speed in automated resolutions and issue vulnerability, but the insight gained from your users’ demands.


PEM operates a data growth sense check, which takes into consideration changes in your business to ensure all the correct data is being back-up. Our engineers will also use backups to monitor any unnecessary applications taking up space and negatively impacting your network’s performance.

Physical Maintenance

Our remote and automated maintenance on your network is preventative, but it doesn’t replace the need for physical work. Your PEM engineer will regularly work on your site to physically check the condition on your server and the environment that it is kept in.

It Makes Business Sense

PEM represents the best-value ROI for your network. We work for you. We listen to what you’re trying to achieve as a business, and act in your best interest.

Why We're An Excellent IT Partner?

We Are Proactive

On looking for the best solutions to keep your business efficient and to give you the best return on your IT investment.

We Are Trustworthy

With over 25-years’ experience, we provide unbiased advice and will always find the best solution for you.

We Deliver Fast Response Times

We have been on the end of slow response times before and know how frustrating it can be.

Our Service Level Agreement

Our SLA is designed for your efficiency and it is easy –  1-hour response to all enquiries and aim to fix all problems within 8-hours.

IT Solutions Case Study

The thing that sets HBP above the competition is they are good people to deal with, they’re helpful, they understand our needs and the support was excellent. They go the extra mile for us – I don’t think we’d be without them.

Helen Kent, BG Solicitors

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