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Download The Cloud As A Platform Guide

Download The Cloud As A Platform Guide

This Microsoft Guide for small and medium businesses will help you understand what moving to the Cloud is all about, and how it could benefit your company.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Sleep soundly at night knowing we’re monitoring your infrastructure 24/7.

Real time monitoring

Our 24/7 Monitoring solution offers a tiny footprint and provides real-time monitoring that detects problems with your network. Our solution is so powerful that you don’t even know it’s working until it detects a problem or upgrade on your system, all done in real time.

Painfree Security

Remote Monitoring provides IT security management making sure all your computers are updated with relevant software patches, and updates giving you less time to worry about hackers, and more time to focus on business.

Be ahead of the curve

24/7 Monitoring offers the potential to identify and rectify faults and problems before they happen, without it becoming a disaster. Our team work around the clock to monitor, identify and fix network issues communicating with you throughout the process

Plan for the future

Closely monitor your network, and workstations and have the opportunity to plan for future upgrades and work closely with our IT Specialists to implement hardware and software that delivers peace of mind.

A Simple Service Level Agreement

With a market leading, clear, and concise service level agreement, you can have peace of mind that you are receiving an industry leading service from a local team.

Unprecedented IT Knowledge

With over 25 years’ experience in IT & Software HBP know IT, and know what to look for. Our IT Support Engineers know how to monitor, action and, fix problems that may restrict you from working efficiently.

Accredited Engineers

When problems do occur, you need somebody who is, knowledgeable, passionate and driven to fix your issues. We invest heavily in our IT engineers ensuring they hold industry accreditations from the likes of Microsoft, Citrix, and Sophos.

Frequently Asked Question

Everything you need to know about HP hardware for your business…

Why should I choose Remote Monitoring?

By choosing 24/7 remote monitoring your servers we can be alerted to issues related to disk space, security and applications so that your servers do not lose any performance.

This allows us to action problems before they start to be a burden on your business – reducing downtown and increasing productivity. It’s the easiest way to be proactive without noticing any slowdown of your network.

How does 24/7 Monitoring work?

24/7 Monitoring involves a lightweight client been installed on your networking allowing us to constantly monitor your servers remotely. Our team of IT Support Engineers can keep a close eye on what is happening in your network and you won’t even know about it!

What are we notified of?

Our monitoring software runs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and will be configured to the set up of your network. We will be alerted of any issues that may cause a problem in the future or any failures as soon as they happen. In most cases we are able to fix these issues without any involvement from our customers, or before they have even realised there was an issue.

Typical notifications we might get would be around failed backups, low disk spaces on servers or malware entering your system.