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Download The Cloud As A Platform Guide

Download The Cloud As A Platform Guide

This Microsoft Guide for small and medium businesses will help you understand what moving to the Cloud is all about, and how it could benefit your company.

Proactive Essential Maintenance (PEM)

Would you wait for your IT to break down? Be proactive, not reactive.

Always Secure

Security is an issue vexing businesses globally. With Proactive Essential Maintenance we ensure each and every security update your system needs will be installed, so you have peace of mind.

Performance Guaranteed

Monitoring your network performance allows us to identify abnormalities and pick up on issues waiting to surprise you. We’ll keep you informed so you always know your IT is in safe hands.

Problem? Not for long!

Our Microsoft accredited engineers know where to find problems that may be hiding in your network and any problems plaguing your system as part of the consistent level of service provided with Proactive Essential Maintenance.

More time to spend doing what you love

Nobody has enough time in the day, so the last thing you want to be doing is setting up new users, deleting old ones, or monitoring those on the network. We don’t mind looking after them for you, and PEM allows you to keep us in the loop.

IT Guidance

Unsure of which path to take or where to start when it comes to network enhancement? Tell us what you’re aiming to achieve and we’ll help you develop a plan that allows your network to grow alongside your business in the right direction, without all of the hassle and jargon.


From being a Microsoft Gold Partner to a Sophos Gold Partner we are recognised in the IT Industry as a market leading provider of Proactive IT Support. From Servers, to Security and Operating Systems to Active Directory we have your business' back.

Accredited Engineers

When problems do occur, you need somebody who is, knowledgeable, passionate and driven to fix your issues. We invest heavily in our IT engineers ensuring they hold industry accreditations from the likes of Microsoft, Citrix, and Sophos.

Frequently Asked Question

Everything you need to know about Proactive Essential Maintenance…

How does Proactive Essential Maintenance work?

We have worked tirelessly to offer a service that is accessible, flexible and still offers the same high levels of customer care that HBP Systems Ltd are renowned for. This is how Proactive Essential Maintenance Works:

Select your package: You select a package that is suitable for your organisation. Your dedicated IT Specialist will be on hand to help and advice on the correct level of support required and to answer any questions you may have surrounding our services.

Ongoing Maintenance: Your dedicated IT Engineer will be allocated specific time to work onsite at your organisation to carry out all of the essential maintenance required, deal with user issues, manage your network’s security and help plan for your infrastructures future, whether that be adding and removing old users or advising on best practice and industry trends. While you have your dedicated IT Engineer onsite they’re at your disposal and are present to answer any network related questions you may have.

Optimum Performance: With your network cared for on a frequent basis, issues are identified and rectified before they become problems and you will benefit from a continued level of high system performance at all times while working with our team to plan for the future.

How many PEM days would my business need?

The actual number of PEM days you require will depend on a variety of factors, not just the size of your network but future developments, projects, business growth, and more. But here is a rough guide to how many days your business may require:

1-10 users – 1 day per quarter
11-50 users – 1 day per month
51-100 users – 1 day per week
100+ users – Talk to us

Why does my business need Proactive Essential Maintenance when I’ve already got IT Support?

There are clear differences between IT Support and Proactive Essential Maintenance, both offer your business access to knowledgeable IT professionals, who hold industry accreditations and market leading customer service. However why should your business invest in Proactive Essential Maintenance?

Your reactive IT Support is perfect for when things do go wrong (and let’s face it, IT does go wrong and can cause lots of problems) or when an individual needs help or assistance, but it shouldn’t be your only form of protection.

In a world where hackers are gaining more power, and businesses invest heavily in IT security, your system needs updating to reflect the new protection measures that are made available. Furthermore, what are your growth plans for the next 5 years? As your system matures and time passes new issues or challenges may occur – maybe your storage space will run low limits the number of files you can store on your network, which then has a knock on effect on how fast your network runs.

Without any kind of proactive maintenance problems can build up, and in worst case scenario, create costly downtime for your organisations IT network.