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Pervasive Installation





This guide will give you an insight on how to run a pervasive client installation on your machine. It will go through:

  • Navigating to your installation folder
  • Selecting the correct Actian PSQL Installer
  • Guidance through the Installer

Step 1: Navigate to your Exchequer installation folder. AKA ‘Pervasive Installers’

Click ‘Start’ and type ‘Printers & Scanners’

Step 2: Find and open ‘PSQL-Workgroup-’

Once you have found where your Pervasive Installers are stored, double click ‘PSQL-Workgroun-’ and then click ‘Run’.

Step 3: Unzipping PSQL

Immediately click on ‘Unzip’. Everything is already set at this point. It will now automatically unzip the data ready to be used.

Step 4: Running the correct installer

Make sure that you click ‘Install PSQL v12 SP1 Client’ only. The ‘Workgroup Edition’ is for the installation on servers. Once you have clicked, please wait a few moments for the Actian PSQL InstallShield Wizard to set up.

Step 5: Starting the Actian PSQL Client Installer

When the Actian PSQL Client installer opens up, click next to advance to the ‘Licence Agreement’.

Step 6: Agreeing to the License Agreement

Click on ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’. Once you have agreed to the License Agreement, click next to advance to the ‘Service Settings’.

Step 7: Selecting your Service Setting

The default selection here is ‘Run as an Application’. The best thing to have in place here would be ‘Run as a Service’. Once you have selected this option, click next to advance to the ‘Setup Type’.

Step 8: Selecting your Setup Type

The default selection here is ‘Complete’. Click next to advance to the confirmation of your installation.

Step 9: Confirming your installation

Once you are ready to install Actian PSQL, click on install to begin the installation process.

The installation wizard may take a few moments to install. This is normal.

Step 10: Finishing your installation

Once this screen appears, the installation process completed successfully. You can now press Finish and use the Actian PSQL Client.

Need Additional Help?

Need Additional Help?

Video Transcript
Welcome to the exchequer help video pervasive installation by HBP systems.

From time to time you may need to run a pervasive client installation on your machine, either to install Exchequer on your machine from scratch or you may have been asked to do so by the help desk. In order to install pervasive on to your machine, the first thing that you need to do is browse to the drive where Exchequer is installed. Nine times out often this is likely to be your ‘X’ drive or your ‘K’ drive, but it could be mapped to a different drive letter so if you are unsure, you can check with your network admin team or with HBP systems.

Once you've navigated there you should have a folder called pervasive installers or something similar. It really depends upon what it was called at the time of the install. It could just be called installers, it could just be called pervasive, but it will be contained within a folder somewhere on the mapped drive. So, I'm going to go into this folder and you'll see that there are three files here. You won't see all three files, you'll either see the workgroup installation or the client and the server. That really just depends upon whether you're running in the client server version of exchequer or the workgroup version of exchequer.

If you're running the client server version of exchequer, you can ignore this server installation altogether, you'll just need to run the client. If you're running the pervasive workgroup edition of exchequer. It’s just one installer no matter whether you're running a client or server, so we'll use this one for the purpose of the exercise.

I'm just going to double click that to launch it and select run, this is going to just launch a self-extracting zip file. So, if I just select unzip here, this will run through fairly quickly. Just select ok here and this is just going to launch a little installer screen here. So, all you're interested in is the second one down here for client only. This one here is actually for the installer on the server so you'll never need to do that because HBP will get involved in that case. If you are just installing the pervasive client on your machine, it is the client only you need to run. So, if I just select that one there and it's just going to launch an install wizard for us. You may notice here that pervasive is actually now called Actian, and so dependent upon what version you are running, version 12 onwards will actually be called Actian. You may be on an older version 10 or 11 pervasive in which case it will be called pervasive PSQL, but you don't need to worry about that, it is just a rename of company.

Okay, so on this installer screen here, I'm just going to select next, on the next screen here I'm just going to accept the terms in the license agreement until that next again, what I would advise here, I would always advise running this as a service and obviously so that the service just restarts every time you turn your machine off and back on again in the morning, select next, leave complete installation just selected as default and select next and then just select install, so, this is just going to run through and install pervasive onto this client machine. It isn't normally a long installation and it normally only takes a few minutes. Don't be too worried if it does take up to five minutes, I have seen them take up to five minutes in the past but this one does look like it's going through fairly quickly.

One important thing to know as well is that if you are installing exchequer on to your machine for the very first time you will need to run your pervasive installer first followed by your exchequer workstation installation, and we do have a separate video for the workstation installation that you can refer to.

Okay, so this looks like it's nearly finished. Okay and then just select finish here, and exit. And that is your pervasive installed, as I said earlier if you are running the client because you're running a client server version of exchequer that installer will look exactly the same as the workgroup one that we've just done, but if you have any problems at all please give us a call on help desk.

Thank you for listening.