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KC Smart Stock – Inventory & Warehouse Management For Forward-Thinking Businesses

Simplify stock-takes and make your business more agile through intelligent inventory management.

Reduce wasted money and lost potential revenue

Make your warehouse/stock replenishment team more efficient

Link directly to your in-house business management/finance software

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Overview of KC Smart Stock

Good inventory management is the key to meeting future fulfilment demands, eradicating warehousing overhead wastage and taking control of your margins.

KC Smart Stock helps you make more informed decisions by effectively managing your stock and providing on-demand analysis. Maximise your ability to respond to current and projected demand, limit the spoiling or wastage of stock and don’t ever oversell again.

Easily handle multi-channel, multi-location and in-transit stock control to help you provide the best customer service, maintain SLAs, exceed customer expectation and make the best margins on all of your stock.

Talk to a specialist to discuss how KC Smart Stock could unlock untold potential revenue from your stock room.

  • Effectively manage your in, out and in-transit stock
  • Ensure you meet order demand and shifts
  • Instant stock data synchronisation with all revenue channels
Features of KC Smart Stock

Unlimited stock records

Stock taking

Stock adjustments

Stock location transfers


Purchase order creation

Goods receipts

Sales order creation

Stock reordering and forecasting

Print stock / bin labels

Stock enquiries

Stock view dashboards and data visualisations

Benefits of KC Smart Stock

Prevent overselling by synchronising all sales channels: in-house, over multiple locations or from multiple websites, services or apps

Limit underselling through historic and seasonal procurement analysis

Maximise your stockroom/warehouse in-stock to potential demand ratio through sales analysis and increasing stock management efficiency

Minimise wastage and spoiling, limiting lost revenue in written-off stock, through dead stock and obsolescence

Increase efficiency of your stock rooms and warehouses in general and directly benefit your business cash flow

Get greater visibility of where your stock is, what you have either in-stock or in-transit and calculate margins per location and supplier

Minimise your warehousing overhead to maximise your available space

Automatically forecast stock ordering requirements for trending and seasonal changes

Be confident in your supply chain and surpass customer expectations by delivering on or ahead of time

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