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Azure – Move Your Business To The Cloud Your Way

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, comprising a collection of integrated cloud services that any-sized business can utilize to increase productivity, save money and make your company more agile.

Get more done with pre-built tools and leverage new technologies in the cloud

Extend your existing IT with scalable, simple and cost effective solutions

Protect your data and make smarter decisions based on analytical data

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Overview of Azure

Azure enables your business to leverage new and emerging technologies easily by providing a standardized and structured platform to do whatever you want to do.

The term “The Cloud” can often be confusing with very few businesses understanding what it actually is, and more importantly how it can be employed to best effect. Azure is Microsoft’s platform for effectively positioning your business in the cloud – however you choose to do it.

Whatever your business requirements, Microsoft Azure has the answer in an easily deployed, cost-effective service that you can add to, or take away from on-demand, as and when you need them. Coupled with the overarching advantages that the Internet unlocks, such as 24/7 access and zero borders, your business is about to revolutionise the way it works. 66% of fortune 500 companies already rely on Azure: are you ready to join them?

With the mind-boggling potential of what Azure can offer, why don’t you get in touch and let one of our specialists see where your business could see most benefit by moving to the Cloud.

  • Rethink your business processes to streamline
  • Move your business into the 21st Century
  • Increase your productivity and lower you cost of IT ownership
Features of Azure

Track Everything With The Internet of Things

Digital Marketing Solutions

Mobile App Deployment

E-commerce Solutions

Business Applications & Productivity Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Get Informed With Big Data Analytics

Off-Site Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Extend Your On-Site IT With Hybrid Integration

Collaboration Solutions

Digital Media & Streaming Solutions

Benefits of Azure

Robust, agile and heavily endorsed business process platform means that you’re in good hands – whatever your requirements are

Scalable on-business-requirements-demand means that you only pay for what you use – when you use it, there are no hidden costs or time-limited clauses

Extend your current infrastructure – no need to replace everything, just add the computing or storage resources that you need

Get business intelligence insight from all your applications and make smarter, more informed, commercially aware decisions

Take your business to the next level with solutions built for your individual requirements

Globalise your marketplace instantly

Seek out new potential and easily meet new demand

Streamline your internal processes and make your company more efficient

Increase your staff engagement and morale through collaborative, remote and any-time working

Reduce your cost of ownership or IT (Hardware & Infrastructure) by moving your internal systems to the Cloud, negating the need to costly in-house servers and even expensive laptops and computers – they may no longer be necessary

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