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Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is an innovative accounting software solution based upon a modular development system that is perfect for businesses of any size that operate in the distribution, wholesale, construction and service industries.

Gain complete control of your supply chain from beginning to end

Create, edit and send invoices and statements directly from Opera

Simplify complex order processing and manufacturing requirements

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Overview of Opera 3

Incorporating a state of the art ‘modular’ system, Opera 3 is a flexible and adaptable accounting and business software solution that is perfect for businesses with a turnover of £1 Million to £50 Million. This robust and reliable solution will allow you to control you finances, manage your entire supply chain from end to end and collate your customer and business data in one simple package.

Opera 3 combines the best in a range of contemporary features to create a solid and extensive software solution that can handle all your business processes down to CRM, HR and Payroll services.

The Opera 3 Modular system means that you can customise the functionality of your software and fine-tune the details that enable you to use Opera exactly as your business requires you to. Adapt and expand your software alongside your business to meet your needs as you grow.

  • Enhance your software with Modular upgrades
  • Capitalise on your business data with unique insight functionality
  • Combine with Pegasus Business Cloud for a contemporary, online accounting solution
Features of Opera 3

Perform stock check and management processes

Excel export integration

View and manage supply chain end-to-end

Simplify complex order processing

Business intelligence tools to view and monitor data

Service and Helpdesk management

Materials tracking & traceability

Fully functioning CRM service

Modular system for expansion and upgrades

Back to back order handling

Payroll and HR functions

Benefits of Opera 3

Extensive supply chain management features mean you have complete control and insight into your business processes

Opera 3’s business intelligence tools means you can get the precise data you require at ease and export it to Excel in an instant

Modular system means you can upgrade and develop your software to meet the needs and requirements of your business as and when they arise

Opera 3 CRM features integrate fully with financial and supply chain applications. Convert leads to sales and manage all your customer relations in one platform

Service and helpdesk management features streamline your customer processes and revolutionise your staff communications

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