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Proactive Essential Maintenance (PEM)

Ensuring that your IT system always performs at an optimum level and that you’re as productive as possible.

IT is critical to your business. We all know how frustrating it can be if your emails or phones go down, let alone not being able to access your core business software. After your premises, your IT network is probably your largest investment and it represents one of your greatest assets: your ability to work efficiently.

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Security Updates

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User Management

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System Health Checks

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Network Enhancements

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Problem Identification

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Why Is ‘Proactive Essential Maintenance’ So Essential For My Business?

Businesses require regular support with their IT, that is why HBP Systems provide you with this. We’re a simple phone call away, whenever you need us, but what happens when you need us and don’t realise it?

PEM Takes Support To The Ultimate Level

HBP Systems’ Proactive Essential Maintenance ensures that you are confident regarding your IT network’s welfare and you’re never left vulnerable to silent or invisible issues, quietly exasperating until they become critical!
It’s an on-going agreement where we manage your network in-line with your business requirements.

How Does It Work?

With HBP’s PEM service, you will be assigned a dedicated and highly qualified IT Engineer. Their job is to be responsible for protecting and caring for your IT system. Think of your PEM engineer as part of your internal IT team. They will monitor and carry out maintenance on your network both remotely, and on-site, through regular and scheduled visits. Any work required on your network identified through these thorough checks will be actioned immediately, whether it is a user issue, your network security or future-planning.

What Do You Need To Worry About?

Absolutely nothing if you have Proactive Essential Maintenance. Any potential issues on your business’ network will be identified and rectified immediately. PEM as a service guarantees that you are focused on your work and your productivity is maximised thanks to the high performance and speed of your IT system.

Don’t Wait for it to Break

With many other assets that your business owns, to get the most out of your investment, and therefore the greatest return, you will regularly have them serviced. Like any other asset that you’d get serviced, your business IT network has the potential to go wrong, become slow and inefficient, or become vulnerable to environmental or 3rd party influences. Proactive Essential Maintenance is the insurance policy that you need to not only maintain the status quo, but proactively get a better return on your investment than a responsive IT support service alone.

PEM - Car

When you own a car, you’re responsible for making sure it is safe to be on the road. To do this, you take it for its MOT, you have it serviced, you change the oil and replace the tyres. Conducting regular checks means that your mechanic can also spot other issues with the car that are less obvious and fix them before they become real problems.

PEM - Boiler

A faulty boiler will certainly waste energy and money, but it could also be lethal if it begins leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. You feel the cold, but this gas is colourless and scentless. To prevent a break or a leak, you have your boiler serviced and an engineer will tell you if there are any issues or if it’s time for a replacement.

Get Your IT System Serviced!

Just like a car or boiler, there will come the point when certain things on your IT network will need fixing, updating or replacing. Fact.

To you, the requirement may be obvious and the solution simple, like a damaged monitor or mouse. But just like a gas leak, your IT network can have serious issues occurring on it which you cannot hear, see or smell, and the consequences can be lethal for your business.

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Prevention is better than a cure. Stop issues from becoming problems.

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Guarantee that all vital work is carried out on your network.

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Specialist support to ensure your system is always running at an optimum level.

What’s Covered In PEM That’s Not In My Standard Support Contract?

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Windows Updates

PEM ensures the automated application of Windows Updates, which occur when patches have been released to protect your network against security vulnerabilities. Also known as Bug fixes, PEM monitors this to improve security visibility and performance on your network.

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Security Updates

Cyber defences can be installed and updated on your network, without disruption to your business. Our experienced PEM team will work around you to plan and schedule sensible updates, minimising any downtime.

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PEM operates a data growth sense check, which takes into consideration changes in your business to ensure all the correct data is being backed-up. Our engineers will also use backups to monitor any unnecessary applications taking up space and negatively impacting your network’s performance.

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Physical Maintenance

Our remote and automated maintenance on your network is preventive, but it doesn’t replace the need for physical work. Your PEM engineer will regularly work on your site to physically check the condition on your server and the environment that it is kept in.

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Extend Your Remote Monitoring

If you already have Remote Monitoring (RM), PEM will increase its accountability by reviewing and discussing the data captured. Building on the standard monitoring criteria, our PEM engineers analyse network usage data to plan project and maintenance routines for your specific needs. Benefit not only from the increased speed in automated resolutions and issue visibility, but the insight gained from your users’ demands.

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It Makes Business Sense

PEM represents the best-value ROI for your network. We work for you. We listen to what you’re trying to achieve as a business, and act in your best interest.