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Sophos Secure WiFi

Cyber Security Solutions

The most secure WiFi solution from Accredited Experts.

Super Secure WiFi for Businesses:

Sophos Secure Wifi

Cyber Security SolutionsSuper Secure WiFi for Businesses.

Your Business

Winning Service


Your Business

Winning Service


Award-Winning Customer Service With 25+ Years Supporting Accounting Software.

Talk to us to Start Protecting your Business with Sophos.

The most secure WiFi Solution on the market.

Does your business need an intelligent, secure Wi-Fi solution that provides reliable service with simple deployment and easy guest access?

Sophos Secure Wi-Fi is the perfect wireless solution for businesses. Monitor Wi-Fi usage throughout the business, allocate guest permissions with ease and scale your solution to grow with your business in size and users.

Complete with Central Management software, IT managers can use Sophos Secure as part of their already existing portfolio of cloud-managed solutions and get a complete overview of how company employees are using the internet while in the office.

Cloud architecture also allows for Sophos to consistently work on and improve their solution with enhanced features and performance without your business ever having to lose Wi-Fi service. An investment in Sophos Secure Wi-Fi is an investment in one of the most intelligent wireless router on the market.

Protect what matters most.

Easy Setup & Guest Access.

Great WiFi Reception.

Protect what matters most.

Easy Setup & Guest Access.

Great WiFi Reception.

Ask us about Synchronized Security and find out about how your office can benefit from combining multiple Sophos solutions like Mobile Manager and Message Defence.

Features & Benefits of Sophos Secure WiFi

Our customers love the protection offered by Sophos Mobile Device Manager. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Looking to buy a Sophos Solution?

It’s simple to purchase the best Security Solutions for your business. Talk to an expert now and start securing your assets.

Get the best protection.

Unique SLA from HBP Systems.

Perfect for all business sizes.

Affordable and Effective Addon Library.

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