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Sophos XG – Ultimate Network Security Control

Sophos’ XG is a family of the latest Unified Threat Management (UTM) products boasting some of the most advanced IT network security technology available. Optimised for today’s businesses the XG series gives you next-generation cyber security protection, accessible insight all housed in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand package.

Advanced protection made simple

Proprietary and patented advanced cyber security technologies and concepts

Highly respected and industry award winning security specialists

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Overview of Sophos XG

Sophos XG represents the true next-generation of Cyber Security deterrents for businesses. The term UTM is the culmination of a rapidly developing industry where anti-virus no longer cuts it as a reliable defence for your business data.

The ever changing landscape of Cyber Threats forces Cyber Security Firms to reinvent their deterrents as new exploits emerge. With the XG series, Sophos brings some truly revolutionary ideas and processes to the table, addressing some of the underlying problems in existing firewall solutions and pioneering state-of-the-art threat preventions.

With targeted deterrents for protecting against ransomware and malware disguised as everyday documents (Word Docs, PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets) to system-wide synchronisation, web protection and isolated testing (sandboxing): with the XG series – your business is fully covered.

Speak to an IT Security specialist today to make the Sophos XG series part of your business IT network and get access to the next generation of Cyber Security.

  • Industry award winning, state-of-the-art business Cyber Security defence
  • Get instant visibility of your network traffic and report on usage and threats as they emerge
  • Synchronise all your network defences for a unified deterrent
Features of Sophos XG

Zone-based Security & Perimeter Defences

Next-Gen IPS & Advanced IPS Protection

Geo-based Policies

Cloud Sandboxing

Proprietary Malware Protection with Exclusive “Live Protection”

24/7 Updates from SophosLabs

Advanced Web Protection including Pharming Protection & HTTPS Scanning

Synchronised Security with Security HeartbeatTM

Live Anti-Spam & SPX Encryption

The Most Advanced High-Performance Networking Technology

Benefits of Sophos XG

Network, Wifi, Web & Email Protection

Some of the most advanced Cyber Security techniques and appliances available. The XG Series employs some unique and proprietary methods and procedures for tackling Cyber Security at the front line

Automatically up-to-date. SophosLabs provide a 24/7 discovery and updating service to combat new exploits as they emerge

Isolate and test exploits with Cloud Sandboxing. This method detects and removes potential threats and exploits before they’re activated, and replaces them if they’re proved to be authentic

Easy to use management console with pre-configured user profiles to generally protect your business from the get-go

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