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New Customer Survey

Thank You For Choosing Us

We’d like to say a massive thank you for choosing HBP Systems and we hope this is the start of a long business relationship with us. If you can spare a few minutes we’d like to find out your views on the process of joining us as a customer so far.

Overall, how would you rate your experience so far?

10 being the best.

Tell Us What You've Liked So Far?

Tell us where we've exceeded your expectations, or any particular part of our service that's suprised you.

Tell Us What We Could Have Done Better?

Tell us where we've not met your expectations, or underdelivered in any way.

Tell Us Why You Chose Us To Work With Your Organisation?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and product portfolio, but what was the ultimate reason why you chose to go with us?

Please Confirm Your Details

We don't share your info with anyone outside the HBP Group. This is just so we know we've got the correct contact details for you.

Would You Be Happy For Us To Contact You About Your Experience For Some Shared Publicity?

Would you be happy for us to write a PR story about how we've helped you and your company recently?

What Is This?

We would write a short article which would be used on social media and be sent to the local press about your recent investment. The aim is to promote both businesses and show the benefits that you/your staff/your customers will receive from our new relationship.

It will involve a short conversation and final authorisation from yourself, or someone else within your organisation.

Would you be happy for us to create a written or video case study about your recent purchase from us?

What Is This?

For a video case study we would need to visit your premises for approx. ½ day to film and interview 1 or 2 people, for which we would need around 30 minutes with each person. Alternatively, we can create a written case study about your experience and your new solution by having a short conversation on the phone.

Any Final Comments?

We're always trying to improve, so any feedback that you can give us is always helpful.

Thank You!

We're really grateful that you've taken the time to complete our new customer survey.

We value your custom, and we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service that we can, so your feedback will directly contribute to us bettering our service offering ultimatly supporting you and your company more effectively.

Let Others Know On Google.

As you've rated your experience highly, would you let others know about our service by leaving a Google review?

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Thank you again,

Team HBP.