Farm Attractions Future-proof Their Business With KCPOS

The Farm Attraction industry is one of the most rapidly developing Leisure sectors in the UK, with many businesses within it unaware of the solutions available to ensure they can keep up with the growing demands they will face.

HBP Systems has introduced their KCPOS till product to the rapidly developing UK Farm Attraction Industry. The solution is helping the multidiscipline businesses within it prosper, despite the industry’s unique challenges.

Since 2006, HBP Systems has been providing KCPOS which was developed by their sister company, Kamarin Computers. Over the last 13-years, it has become one of their leading and most in-demand products.

It wasn’t until HBP Systems discovered the National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN) in 2015 that they realised KCPOS could resolve many of the problems faced by their members.

By attending NFAN’s Annual Conferences, HBP’s KCPOS specialists could showcase the solution and network with other NFAN members, gaining a better understanding of the farming attraction industry, their requirements and their challenges.

KCPOS specialist, Richard Wellham, who has worked at HBP for over 25-years, explains: “KCPOS helps farm attractions with the analysis of spend across an entire site, despite its different outlets, such as, admissions, eateries and gift shops. It is a great and tested solution for businesses with diverse facilities.”

Lincolnshire’s Rand Farm Park, an NFAN member, discovered KCPOS at an NFAN Conference in Brighton. “We’re less than an hour apart, but it was at the other end of the country we met thanks to NFAN,” jokes Richard. “Before KCPOS, Rand Farm Park had six cash registers, with no integration with their accounts software or online ticket sales. They had limited analysis of repeat visitors, stock control or sales performance.”

Another farm attraction and NFAN member that KCPOS has recently been implemented at is Smithills Open Farm in Bolton. Because of NFAN, Smithills knew of the developments within the industry and the new demands from customers, especially regarding the online booking of tickets.

Carl Grimshaw, Smithills’ Operations Manager, says: “Our system couldn’t keep up with customer demand, causing long queues and difficulty cashing up.”

KCPOS has secured Smithills future growth, increasing the experience of their staff, as well as their customers. “All the staff have taken to the new system. They find it much easier and quicker.”

On the importance of data access at visitor attractions, Richard explains: “these businesses need to work efficiently and maximise their staff resource. KCPOS delivers accurate, real-time information, increasing staff productivity and ensuring that management can make better decisions.”

Richard, adds: “We actively work with NFAN members, and we hope that our proven track record with them, encourages other farm attractions to seek our help and find out what they could achieve with KCPOS.”

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