HBP Provides Technica Ltd. With A Business-Critical Software Solution To Secure Its Future

Humber IT and software specialists, HBP Systems, has implemented a business-critical accounting software at, Grimsby’s Technica Ltd, to restructure their finance and data processes. The significant change to the business was made to secure what had already been a rapid period of growth for the engineering firm.

Within 12-years of business, Technica has grown to employ 50 members of staff and support some of the largest companies in the UK and international energy sector.

Technica’s Business Development Director, Richard Law, explains: “We were working from lots of distributed spreadsheets, and this didn’t present the data we needed. Technica operates in a very competitive marketplace, so having good and accurate business intelligence is very important to us.”

After the business’ accountants recommended the software Sage 200, Technica was tasked with finding a local third-party that could implement the solution and support the staff going forward.

Richard says: “We selected HBP because we believe they bought into our business and what we were trying to achieve. They understood the problems we had at the present but could also pre-empt some of the problems we would encounter going forward as the business continued to grow.”

This would be the largest internal, business-critical project Technica had ever undertaken, and as they are a relatively small business, they could not afford downtime.

Richard praises: “HBP assisted us in getting everybody to buy into this project and understood the timeframes we were trying to achieve. We were really confident with them as a partner and we knew that HBP had our best interests at heart.”

Since going live with Sage 200 and HBP’s support, Technica has had all core business procedures simplified with one unified platform. As well as faster access to data, Sage 200 and the training HBP have provided the Technica team has enhanced visibility across all areas of business intelligence.

Richard says: “The level of data we’ve now got on our financial information within the business is far greater than we’ve ever had before. Everyone has taken to the new Sage package seamlessly.”

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