10 things you need to know about cloud accounting

With ‘Cloud Accounting’ becoming a fast growing option for SMEs across the UK, we have taken a look at the key things you need to know about this platform and summerised them into a Top 10.

1. Access your accounts in the cloud, anytime, anywhere

The beach, the bar, the bedroom, the Golf course! All you need is an internet connection = Greater flexibility.

2. Simple to use

Reduce the time you spend on paperwork = Better efficiency.

3. Share information online easily

With your accountant, bookkeeper, bank, business partner – whoever, whenever = Increased accessibility.

4. Say goodbye to year-end historical data

Here’s to the future – running your business with real time information = Improved decision making.

5. Remove the need for manual and paper based systems

Get organised – free up space in your office = Clutter free working environment.

6. Keep the tax man happy

100% HMRC compliant software and systems = Stress-free accounting.

7 Stay safe and secure

Your files are backed up “in the cloud” = Peace of mind.

8. Always work with the “latest” software version with free updates and upgrades

No more “improved software” upgrades to pay for = More cost effective solutions.

9. Your online accounting software grows with your business

No limit on the number of monthly transactions = Scalable software.

10. Receive free support from award winning contact centre

24/7 email and phone support = Free help, day or night.

This is where Sage Live comes in: the world’s first real-time accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Sage Live is fully cloud-based, so you can get all of these 10 immediate benefits to your business. With Sage Live you and your team are always connected to what’s happening across your business.

By unifying your data in one hub with Sage Live, you no longer have to deal with the time-waste of departmental blockades (such as outdated technology, red tape, collating reports from disconnected sources, or digging for customer information that’s nestled away in other departments or applications), all of which obstructs the flow of critical information.

You also avoid the risks of disk crashes, document loss, computer theft, and cumbersome legacy stacks that hamper agility and productivity.

Sage Live is about making new sense of accounting.