5 reasons to upgrade to Sage Live

Did you know that 90% of all SME’s are predicted to be working in the cloud by the end of 2017? The reasons seem clear to us: it’s convenient, affordable and the tech giants have invested an incomprehensible amount of money into ensuring their cloud services are perfected.

Here at HBP, we’ve been championing the adoption of cloud technology for a long time. From flexible and collaborative working to the reduced cost of hardware and onsite set-up, the list of benefits in moving to the cloud seems to be growing ever longer.

When it comes to Accounting software, we don’t change our position. Cloud Accounting is innovative, practical and cost efficient – and with Sage Live, Sage have thrown their hat in the ring as a strong contender for the cloud accounting crown.

But just in case you’re part of the 10% that are yet to adopt the cloud – we spoke to our resident Sage Live expert, Anthony Marks, for his top 5 reasons for upgrading to the cloud:

1) Collaboration

“Decision makers and colleagues are rarely in the same place at the same time – with Sage live you can communicate throughout your workplace in Salesforce’s ‘Chatter’ application (integrated into Live!). You can also access all of your accounts data and KPI dashboards in real-time on your connected device. You can ensure that everybody has the information they need to do what they do best and move in the same direction no matter where they are.”

2) Saving Money

“Working with Live completely removes the requirement for expensive onsite hardware to host the software. It’s fully hosted, managed and backed up in the cloud, which means your costs are reduced drastically and the whole set-up process is a lot easier.”

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3) Salesforce Integration

“Sage Live has its own app store on the Salesforce Platform that allows you access to thousands of business apps to compliment and future-proof your business. It’s updated regularly and it means that as your business grows and you begin to require addition functions and features, you’ll always be able to find the right apps to upgrade Sage Live to meet your needs.”

4) Customisable Software

“Sage Live fits around you and not the other way round – automate your manual processes and transform your static financial data into customisable and interactive dashboards. Sage live is very sophisticated and highly configurable software that fits the way you want to work with a whole host of customisable settings.”

5) Data Unification

Sage live will Unify all your data islands by having everything under one roof. You can save valuable time by having everything you need connected and collated, rather than having to extract your information from multiple databases in order to get the crucial information you require to run your business.
For more information on Sage Live, get in touch to chat to one of our experts on info@hbpsystems.co.uk or call directly on 01724 400300.