5 ways to grow your small business using Sage 50c

Did you know that small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2016? That’s a staggering statistic, and one that fills us with confidence for the state of UK business in general.

New technologies have made it easier than ever to start up and manage your own business effectively by embracing contemporary software solutions and innovative new applications that can help you grow your business and get a firm foothold in the working world.

We feel that among the ranks of business and accounting software on the market, Sage 50c can hold its head high as a fantastic addition to the Sage range – and one that is perfectly suited for the small business, ready to take on the world and grow themselves into a monumental business force.

We spoke to one of our resident Sage experts, Anthony Marks to get his thoughts on the best features in Sage 50c for growing your business.


Track Your Cash Flow Effectively

“We all know that the consequences of poor cash flow management can be detrimental to both the business and their employees.

Sage 50c is such a fantastic addition to the Sage portfolio, because it can track your cash flow and help you put plans in place for potential fluctuations and capital needs.

As many small business fail in these areas, then these are definitely features you should think about when choosing your accounting software.”


Mobile App Integration

“The mobile app is great. Sage users can now access customer and product information when out of the office.

Let’s face it, everyone is on their mobiles or tablets these days and having up-to-date pricing at the tip of your fingers reduces the need for printed sheets, reports or calling back to the office.

I know as a sales person, using the quoting function would certainly make my life a lot easier and give me more time to spend selling.”


Sage Capture

“The grueling idea of submitting expenses at the end of each month has suddenly become a lot easier.

With Sage capture, all you have to do is just take a photo and store the image digitally using your Microsoft OneDrive.

I think this is a brilliant new feature and to think that by just snapping a picture of your orders, invoices and other business paperwork, so much time can be saved.”


Sage 50c Intelligence Reporting

“One of the best improvements of the new product is the Intelligence reporting.

Being able to manipulate data and produce the necessary reports without having to export to excel is really useful, and the new drag and drop facility makes this really easy to do.

The ability to export is still there for the users, but everything can be done from within Sage 50c and this is really beneficial when trying to see an overview of the business.”


Office 365 Integration

“As a business partner of both Sage and Microsoft, I find this integration and incredibly exciting feature for 50c.

Users are now able to manage their business, not only across multiple devices and locations, but in real-time using some of the many functions of Office 365. This means they can react quicker and communicate better, ultimately improving the way they work.

50c is the first of the Sage products to have Office 365 integration and already it’s proven quite a hit.”

For more information on Sage 50c or to talk about growing your business with software solutions, call us on 01724 400300 or get in touch at info@hbpsystems.co.uk