The benefits of Pegasus XRL

If you were to speak to a company using Pegasus and utilising the XRL add-on module, then chances are that all you will here is fantastic feedback, such as:

“Pegasus XRL is a vital tool for us, it allows us to take information straight out of Opera 3 into Excel to analyse it and perform calculations on it straight away” – Guy Atkins, Managing Director, Jo Bird

For many years XRL has been the backbone of reporting within Pegasus Opera II (and now Pegasus Opera 3) and continues to allow users to create reports which save time each and every month.

Pegasus XRL pulls data from Pegasus Opera into Microsoft Excel which then allows for templated reports to be created. These reports are then filled with up-to-date, accurate information without the need to re-key or copy/paste your data. These can then be used as required or to create regular reports with minimal, if any, effort.

The main benefits for Pegasus Opera II and Opera 3 users looking to use XRL are:

  • Huge time savings compared to manually creating reports and entering data
  • Increased accuracy in reports with data being pulled directly from your system
  • Create reports faster so decisions can be made quickly and easily
  • Easily create management reports on-time, every time
  • Present information however you like to see it – whether you want raw data or data in a graphical format

For more information about how XRL can be used to help your business please contact us or speak to your account manager.