Exchequer Mobile

A solution for your Finance Team … but it’s not for them to use.

Your business’ financial data is essential to all company decisions. And how many decisions do you make a day? An hour?

This makes your Finance Team your most in-demand department. Why? Because they have the answers you need to make the best business decisions.

You protect your data by reducing its access internally. But this is prohibiting the productivity of everyone at your business. Primarily your Finance Team. They must constantly battle disruptions, due to everyone else’s need for data.

Our partner, Advanced, has a compromise. They have a new solution which will minimise these interruptions and keep your data secure.

Introducing Exchequer Mobile

Designed to lift the heavy burden on your Finance Team.

Exchequer Mobile grants selected employees outside of your Finance Team with view-only access to your business’ financial records. View-only access maintains data security through a simple user interface.

Non-Finance members can review transactions, expenses, reports, inventory, job costings, and approvals. There is no need to raise a finance query. Therefore, there is no need to interrupt your Finance Team over trivial data requests.


Instant Access To Real-time Data, From Anywhere

Exchequer Mobile takes into consideration the modern necessity of ‘remote working’. Duties need to be fulfilled on the move. Strategies are developed on trains. Reports are completed from hotel rooms. And customers are responded to from anywhere in the world.

There is no application to install. All you need is internet access and a URL link.


Exchequer Mobile Launch Event

On Thursday, 5th September 2019, Advanced will be hosting an exclusive launch webinar for Exchequer Mobile. The event hosted by their specialists will tell you everything you need to know about the latest product and how to best use it to achieve maximum results.