Experience Panintelligence and make better business decisions

Do you know how to harness your data to make better decisions that change your business for the better? Panintelligence is here to help. Panintelligence is a business intelligence software that displays actionable information in real time with easily digestible visuals and the ability to drill down to the underlying data. This allows people to make timely interventions and to show the value they can add.

That’s why bringing Panintelligence into your organization can make such a difference. Some of those benefits include:

  • True Self-Service BI Software
  • Drag & Drop – easy chart design
  • A singular reporting tool for all aspects of your business
  • Track KPIs and instantly send alerts
  • Access on any devices
  • Automatically email scheduled reports

Want to learn about the true power of Panintelligence?

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Try PI allows you to:

  • Filter and drill through a real data set
  • Experience Panintelligence in a live and interactive demo environment (it works on mobile as well!)
  • Discover reporting tools that let you easily track and monitor your business’s progress