Introducing KC Smart Link

E-commerce Easy For Everyone

A Modern Necessity

Providing your customers with the option to purchase your goods online has become a requirement for any retailer wanting to keep up with their competition.

85% of the world’s consumers prefer shopping online

You want to offer your customers the best experience possible, and E-commerce is a certain way to do this. It’s also a fantastic way for a business to improve its services by analysing your customers’ online behaviour.

87% of UK shoppers buy online

The Price Of Customer Service

It’s questionable why a business would deny their customers greater user-control and the enhanced visibility of the goods and deals you have on offer.

Unfortunately, for many businesses which provide an online shopping platform, the benefits are heavily outweighed by the hassle E-commerce can cause a business. More specifically, a business manually processing sales and physically moving information from the company website, to the stock room and then to the accounts.

E-commerce, A Necessary Evil?

Manually processing E-commerce massively increases the chance of human error and inaccurate stock, customer and financial data. This wastes time and money, which no business can afford. This will also negatively impact on your relationship with your customers if there are errors with their orders or payments.

E-commerce is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be ‘evil’ or detrimental to your business’ growth. To accelerate your profitability and customer experience through E-commerce, you need a system which can handle all platforms, including; sales, stock, data, deliveries and finances.

Selling Online Is Simple With KC Smart Link

KC Smart Link shares the benefits of E-commerce with your business and your customers. KC Smart Link is a piece of software that sits between your accounts package and E-commerce site (or other application) that automates the synchronisation of data.

There is no need for manual intervention, as the software can process all sales orders, stock information and customer data. Information is seamlessly translated from your website to your stock room and accounting solution.

KC Smart Link streamlines all E-commerce processes, increasing the productivity of your team and the quality of your data. This enables you to maximise your customers’ experience and make better business decisions based on more accurate and relevant data.

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