KCPOS Version 3 Showcase: Digital Tickets

The business world is constantly evolving – new technologies come and go, practices change and the landscape we all work in will inevitably continue to progress. In these times of discovery and development businesses need to stay ahead of the curve if they want to keep a foothold in the modern business world. This is notably essential in the way a business processes and manages monetary transactions in their organisations.

As a reaction to this need for continuous development and innovation – KCPOS has recently introduced the newest version of its EPOS software – this latest update to version 3 presents a huge variety of new features that are set to transform the way KCPOS systems work, into a fully integrated, contemporary EPOS solution for modern businesses.

Version 3 has been designed around the core concept of using the KCPOS system as a hub for all business processes. New features, such as advanced admissions, gift cards and customisable themes have brought another level of functionality to the system and are allowing users to deal directly with their customers in new and exciting new ways.

By introducing these features, KCPOS has shown they are intent on allowing a whole new range of businesses to enter the world of contemporary business enterprise.

In this monthly feature showcase, we’ll be talking you through some of the newest features the KCPOS Version 3 has to offer and demonstrating how these features can work as integral tools to bring businesses into 2017 as contemporary, money-making forces.


Part 1: Digital Ticketing.

If you work in the tourism and entertainment industries, you’ll know that tickets and ticketing systems are of the utmost importance. And increasingly you’ll have also noticed that a move towards digital ticketing services has introduced a real shift in business practices.

Customers are now typically given an option to receive a digital ticket for an event or attraction direct to their email as opposed to a mail order ticket. These are sometimes offered at a discounted price as the change-over allows businesses to deduct printing fees from their overheads.

The general move makes a lot of sense; customers are living in a digital world – essentially every, if not all users, have a mobile device that can access, receive and display ticketing information. And so a reliance on physical, paper tickets no longer makes business (not to mention environmental) sense.

To this affect, KCPOS version 3 is now introducing Digiticket integration to its EPOS Systems – meaning that businesses working with KCPOS can now distribute digital tickets directly to their customer’s emails and mobile devices.

With Digital Ticketing customers can purchase tickets from you online and redeem these tickets directly at your KCPOS systems at the venue, allowing you to efficiently manage, process and track all ticketing through the seamless integration of the two systems.

This new, multi-channel approach to ticketing allows users to design and control each and every aspect of their ticketing, down to price, appearance and availability. Users can design their own tickets with their branding, graphics and information and use the Digitickets software to manage real-time ticket editing and sales reports via the ‘reporting suite’.

One of our favourite features of digital ticketing is the ability to include interactive links, images and additional information to your ticket – this allows the user to design specific advertising campaigns around the customers who will be receiving their tickets. Needless to say, the potential to ‘up-sell’ your customers via this method is a real game-changer.

For example, let’s say you work for a museum and you’re selling tickets to the opening of a new attraction. The customer knows the event will be busy, so they buy a ticket in advance from your website. When the customer receives the digital ticket to their email, they find a link on the ticket page saying something to the effect of “Click here to upgrade to priority entry for £5!” As a business owner, you have just secured effective advertising space and brought about the opportunity to earn more through your digital ticketing.

All in all, this is a feature that has us excited. KCPOS systems with Digiticket integration are an innovative solution for the modern business operating in any sector that requires ticketing.


For more information on KCPOS and Digital Ticket integration talk to one of our specialists on 01482 420 373 or email info@hbp-group.co.uk

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